Vernal Needs Food Badly

I’ve complained many times that Vernal Utah doesn’t have any good places to eat. It doesn’t. It really doesn’t. There are a few places that try, and other places that have just given up and make the same slop they’ve been making for ages and that’s all the people of Vernal know, so they stay in business.
It has it’s brighter spots. Pelican Lake Cafe is one, but it’s not even in Vernal, but down in Ouray by the Pelican Lake. Bar B’Qued is in Vernal, right across the street from the Holiday Inn Express, and it’s improved a lot… It’s not bad. It can’t touch a real BBQ joint, but it’s trying and it’s getting better. We have some of our standard chain fast food, but not the better chains.
We need a good old fashioned dirty-water hot dog joint. We need real old classic burger joint that makes things their own way. We need an Italian place. We need a destination diner… Where they love their food and are proud of it.
This is me BEGGING for a good food establishment to come to Vernal. For the love of all that is holy – come to Vernal.

14 thoughts on “Vernal Needs Food Badly”

  1. The wifey says “HELLZ yeah!”. So instead we are getting another BBQ place and a fast food joint (Carls?). The city wants a “Loan Star” or “Texas Roadhouse” or something. They will even approve an additional alcohol permit for them (and them only >eye roll<).
    But they don't want to come here. The wife and I went to Pelican on Sat though. Good burgers. I love their burgers and onion rings.

  2. You think you got it bad!! try living in Roosevelt same prob as Vernal but with even less choices! Here, I was gonna take you to lunch in Vernal one of these days, but now I won’t know where to go!
    Keep up the great work boss!
    Pastor Dee

  3. Intern at a good restaurant or hotdog stand, get educated, and do it yourself! Be the change you want to see! Homemade buns, old school traditional sausages, made from scratch mustard, fermented sauerkraut; you can do this!

  4. Buddy of mine told me that his aunt and uncle may be surrendering the lease on a small bar in Mo.
    I am STRONGLY considering it… and serving a limited menu there.
    In a place HUNGRY for a new eatery, giving it a go on your own isn’t the worst idea in the world.


      1. Between Mtn Grove and Norwood off of hwy 60.
        IF… and this is a HUGE IF… we were to be able to do it, the food would be cooked outside on a smoker grill.
        Eating there would be like eating burgers in your buddies back yard.
        Beer in hand, grilled food, good friends, lots of laughs.

        My fingers are crossed.


  5. In my sleepy little town (8000), we have the usual fast food places, one BBQ/steak place, and 3 Mexican restaurants (within a 5-block stretch).

    Applebees? No problem. Just drive 105 miles….

  6. You know when someone rubs their finger and thumb and says this is the worlds smallest violin playing the worlds smallest song? That’s how I feel about this post. I have to drive 30 miles to Vernal get decent food. Have you tried to get food in Roosevelt? Pizza Hut screws you cause they won’t do the deals you see on TV. The Grill is way over priced for the same or lower quality food they’ve always had. Rocky’s Place is WAY high priced for the grease. Now for the fast food. Arby’s only has curly fries, and I’ve been in there when the manager chewed out an employee for letting them know if they order “this” they’d get more food for a lower price. The deals only apply if the customer asks for them. McD’s just sucks…. I’d love a BBQ place here… or Wendy’s… or BK… or Taco Bell… Or something… I buy a lunch almost every day… and our choices are much more slim….. And you have Don Pedros! I love that place, even if my wife doesn’t ever want to go there.

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