The Bohemian Brewery

You want this.

That’s the Buffalo Burger.  You get them HERE.  When Crusader gets together on a special occasion, we make it a point to get some Buffalo Burgers at the Bohemian.  If you are anywhere near SLC – You must get one.  When you order it, order it “Rare”.  If you order it Medium – it’s over cooked.

9 thoughts on “The Bohemian Brewery”

      1. Yea, Caryn said “Look at the coloring… thats Gorgonzola” after I posted.
        You have to love cheese made with the milk from a Gorgon…


  1. Cookng bison right is an art form. Too many restaurants just grab a package and cook it the same as they do beef, which ends up with a dried-out hockey puck instead of a burger. If you’ve found a resstaurant that can do it right, make sure they /know/ that’s why you keep coming back, so they don’t listen if some fool tells them, “oh, just cook it like beef” – make sure that they know the fact they’re doing bison right, is why you keep coming back.

  2. Haven’t had a Bohemian one but they are sold at a lot of places here in WY. If cooked right (not overdone), they are a very tasty and leaner alternative. I’ll have to check Bohemian out next time in SLC. If your ever in Cody WY, stop at Peter’s cafe and order the buffalo burger. Homemade buns and fries also.

  3. I don’t think George imbibes but to those who do you should try washing that thing down with a Cherney Bock. Hmm. I need to go check the fridge…

  4. I like ordering their nachos, and washing then down with a “Manly” or 2 of Viennese. i know they have them on the appetizer menu. Trust me, they’re not. They’re a meal by themselves.

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