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The Utah Gathering and Training with Mas

On July 30th, at the Provo City Range (The one up the road to Squah Peak in Provo Canyon) Members of and Friends will be gathering for a day of Shooting and Socializing. We will be shooting in the morning, then a break for lunch at a yet to be determined location, then back to the range for some more shooting. Every Member of WTA is Welcome to come on out.
Then in September, Crusader Weaponry was officially invited to attend the Ayoob Group’s MAG-40 Class in Salt Lake Sept 14-17. This course is hosted by The Gun Dudes, and in attendance will be Daniel Shaw of Gunfighter Caste. This is going to be an EPIC week of training. Crusader will be there to show off some of Crusader’s Wares, Slipstream, and to have an awesome time with awesome people.


  1. Mattitude's Gravatar Mattitude

    So…is the September class by invitation or is it open like the one at the end of the month?

    • 07/21/2011    

      According to the Ayoob Group’s Page, this class is full. Contact The Gun Dudes and see if they have any slots.

  2. Yebache's Gravatar Yebache

    Sounds like a good time for sure.

    • 07/21/2011    

      500 rounds of:
      .44 Mag
      I’m leaning on .40.
      Yes, this is going to be awesome.

  3. JesseL's Gravatar JesseL

    Just a week until the AZ WTA contingent rolls out! I can’t wait – I’ll be bring a 20lb bag of Tannerite love.

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