16 thoughts on “How to buy Bacon”

      1. Well, I thought I might ask what brand gets the Ogre Stamp of Approval – that’s all.

        No, it does not matter, but there is bacon, and then there is bacon…

  1. I prefer this method:
    1. Shoot and dress out a few feral hogs
    2. Brine the hog bellies for a few days
    3. Smoke for a a day or two in a nice cool smokehouse.

    Steps 2 & 3 can be replaced by taking the hogs to a game processor who provides such services. But, it is not as satisfying.

  2. & Bacon Strips
    & Bacon Strips
    & Bacon Strips
    & Bacon Strips
    & Bacon Strips
    & Bacon Strips
    & Bacon Strips
    & Bacon Strips

    Had some awsome little smokis wrapped in bacon strip cooked in a crock pot, two to a toothpick last night at the building xmas party where I work. Gave me an idea. Stuff each one of those into a jalapeno half for some bite and a new kind of popper.

  3. I don’t get it. I was in the supermarket the other day and I could buy pork chops cheaper than I could bacon by the pound?
    From my history reading bacon used to be a poor persons food. Supply and demand?

  4. Just get friendly with the guy running the meat department.
    If you’re very lucky, he’s a real butcher.
    Ask for it a 1/2 or full case at a time.

    Eat well.

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