My Tasty Scottish Balls

Using modern sausage skins and not the traditional Scottish sheep stomach, small bite sized Haggis about the size of Chicken Nuggets.  Boiled then pan fried or grilled like a Bratwurst to put a crispy golden brown crust on it, or deep fry them.  Serve them on a bed of mash.  Pop the whole little haggis in your mouth… it would be delicious.  You’d love my tasty Scottish balls in your mouth.

5 thoughts on “My Tasty Scottish Balls”

  1. Sorry, not the same without the traditional stomach casing. Messing with that could lead to your Scott card being pulled with your kilt down around your ankles.

    1. Well, it turns out that according to Family History… I’m actually a touch more Irish than Scottish. So I have an ethical right and obligation to poke the Scots. This explains why I am always so conflicted… and my affection for Guinness.

  2. I think the single malt was supposed to come over, and the haggis was supposed to stay in the Old Country.

  3. @Matt, But if it’s a more frugal fry than with traditional stomach casing he’s a winner. Thrifty is tasty.

    Of course ya know how the Grand Canyon started… A Scotsman dropped a ha penny down a gopher hole. The rest it history.

  4. As a Scot I KNOW Hagas was a chemical munition designed to do the max damage to the digestive systems of our enemies! Besides the whole idea/picture as put forth by Ogre leaves me no option but mind bleach!!!!

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