7 thoughts on “Grilling While Armed”

  1. How would you grill while un-armed? Hacky-sack the steaks and burgers up onto the grill with your feet?

    Actually, that would be epic…

  2. Nice thick ribeyes or Strip steaks
    1-2 cups of brewed, strong coffee cooled (or will prematurely cook your steaks)
    1-5 table spoons Tabasco Chipotle (to your taste)
    favorite Blacken Seasoning

    Mix coffee and tabasco together and marinate steaks 30 minutes to over night ( the longer the more intense the flavor)
    before grilling, rub with blacken seasoning
    Grill to a beautiful rare medium rare. (the center will not have that pink center due to the marinade darkening it)

    I serve this is roasted bleu cheese corn

    1 bag frozen corn roasted in oven till it starts to turn brown (unless fresh corn on the cob is available)
    1-2 small handfulls of bleu cheese
    1 tab of butter
    slide under broiler till cheese bubbles then stir till creamy OR wrap corn on the cob in foil with bleu cheese and butter and grill

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