16 thoughts on “Epic Russian?”

  1. That was hilarious.

    Safety violations for the sake of comedic/theatric value isn’t unheard of. The video was intended to be funny, so we can’t know what safety precautions were taken behind the scenes.

  2. Funny stuff….however….can I kill that bitch for using a perfectly good pistol like a spoon?

  3. Jim is going through the Epic meal videos. They just did the fast food lasagna, I just gagged… I love their other videos (flame thrower vs pig)…but would be content NEVER seeing another ‘cooking show” from them.

  4. I have seen FPSRussia before, his vids are a riot. I strongly urge you cats to watch some more of his stuff. I read somewhere Oleg Volk met him one time and tried to speak Russian to him but the guy was clueless. He’s pretty darn funny though.

    Don’t know who the other two are, but that was great. Bacon, guns, burgers and liquor! Internet WIN!

    Have nice day.

    1. Yeah, I don’t think he’s really Russian. Maybe he has a Russian heritage. I’ve Scots Irish, but I don’t speak Gaelic.

      1. I watched some more of the Epic Meal Time vids. Them boys are way too hard on the JD, way too early in the day. Funny stuff though. I love how FPSRussia chops the bottle of vodka off and crams food in his mouf with it. Then, at the end, he spits out ammo. I’d buy that boy a beer, but just one 😉

        I just wanna know how FPSRussia gains access to all the firearms he shoots in his videos. Boy has way too much money and time on his hands, somehow. And room to let it all hang out.

  5. Um. Eh. I think the thing he used as a spoon was a 1911 -rounded trigger guard, slimmer wooden seeming grip panels, too light when he twirled it to be a deagle…

  6. Ha, lots of Deagle hate. I just love the .50 and how it sends brass straight back at your head/face. Like it’s punishing you for being stupid enough to buy it.

    I, myself wish they’d do a run of “classic” MK VII’s. And while they’re at it, chamber it in .45 Winmag (cuz .44 AMP is too much to ask).

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