10mm Handguns for Defense.

Some guys are tired of the 9 vs 45 debate… and they don’t want Middle of the Road.  They are looking at the 10mm.  I’ve been getting a lot of emails about the 10mm.  Which 10 you can get.  My answer is simple, but to get there is a winding road.

So you say you are shopping for that 10mm pistol.  You start looking at the 1911’s of course, because the 1911 is like the Harley Davidson of the Gun World.  Wilson Combat and Nighthawk Custom, as well as other high end 1911 Builders are all doing a few of them.  They are all very nice indeed… and expensive. You really want to invest in one like that and throw it in a combat holster and roll in some gravel with it?  We’re looking for a defensive gun here.  And if you are not willing to roll around in the gravel with your super expensive custom built piece of artwork on your side… then you are not looking for a 1911.  Your really not.  If you choose one of these, and you are willing, then great.  10mm 1911’s do tend to be a bit more reliable, and accuracy is great, and you can get that first shot off nice and precisely.  But let’s say you don’t want to drop 2 Grand on this pistol.  We have to look elsewhere.  You want that feel of a solid steel gun.  Feels good doesn’t it?  Oh yeah.

So you look at the EAA Witness pistols.  Classic CZ design.  Double stacked so you have a good capacity. Their “Wonderfinish” looks good.  The gun feels good.  But dang, it’s heavy.   Accuracy is pretty good, but that long Double Action pull is not as great as it should be.  The Witness has some sharp edges here and there… and yeah… that weight issues is just too much for daily all day carry.  Let’s keep looking.

S&W is making a cool revolver in 10mm.  One of the Nightguard series.  Old School Cool, now in 10mm.  And you can shoot .40 cal as well.  How cool is that?  But you have to use Moon Clips.  Moon Clips are a PITA.  I don’t really care for them and you shouldn’t either. Besides, this Nightguard would be cooler in .44, wouldn’t it?

That leaves the Glocks.  You have two options.  20 and 29.  The 20 is the full sized and the 29 is called a Sub Compact.  Either one is great and either one you can theoretically get with the “SF” frame.  The Slim Frame.  But they are hard to find.  In the .45, you can find SF’s but the 10mm’s are tough.  My choice is the 20.  Full sized, accurate, controllable, great capacity… There you go.  Now we are talking about something.
But I don’t like the Glock Trigger, you say.  Okay.  So change it.  You can put in a trigger that feels just like how you want it.  Easy to do. Have it your way, just like Burger King.  But the gun feels blocky, you say.  You can alter the grip frame as well.  It’s plastic.  It’s pretty easy if you take your time.  But it’s ugly.  Do you really care what your Parachute looks like?  It’s a weapon.  One that if you use in a defensive situation, you might not ever see again anyway.  The Glock is the perfect fit for the job.  Don’t cry about the Grip Angle.  You get used to it pretty quickly if you decide you want to.

The main problem with the 10mm Cartridge is not the Cartridge its self.  Its not that the ammo is more expensive than others… Because its not… It’s what, 2 bucks more than .45 Auto?  The problem is that it’s been a Commercial Meh.  Why is that?  Too powerful?  I find it just like .45 Auto… it’s not too much. The FBI dropped it, not because it’s too gun for their Accountants, Lawyers and sundry beancounters… It was because there was too much of the gun for them to get their hands around.  The 1006 was a gun made for Non-Human hands.  It didn’t fit all those little girly hands, so they were not able to shoot it very well.
What the 10mm needs is for the gun makers to put out the guns that people are already buying, and give them the 10mm Option for it.  M&P, XDM, and the Storm are three of the most popular guns out there as far as our local sales go… and none are offered in the 10.  This is the 10’s main issue in a nutshell… There are no 10mm options in the guns people are wanting to buy.

Guns that SHOULD be available in 10mm.

1.  S&W M&P.  In Full, Tactical, and Compact sizes.
2.  SIG P220.  In both Full and Compact.
3.  Springfield XDM.  In the Full, Tactical and Compact.
4.   CZ 97B.  The new style with the Decocker.
5.  HK45.  They have two sizes and neither are 10mm.
6.  FNH FNP Tactical.  This would turn a 10mm pistol into an offensive platform.

Monday’s Motorcycle: Kawasaki KLR-650

I’ve been wanting one of these bikes for about 10 years now.  It’s the Two Wheel example of an SUV.  Go anywhere, do anything… if Jeep made a Motorcycle, it would be this.

You see them around town, passing through, usually overloaded with gear and stuff… going on Adventures… making me think about where they had been… where are they going… and wishing I was going too.  This has really put an Enduro type bike on my Radar.  While I keep looking at others, I always come back to the KLR-650.
It’s not just me.  The US Army and Marines have purchased hundreds of these KLR’s.  The Military versions are outfitted with Diesel engines and 8 gallon fuel tanks.  Go anywhere.  Do anything.  The KLR is that bike.  It’s not the best of the Enduros… the fastest… the easiest… whatever.  It’s a solid bike.  That’s what I want.  Sure, it looks like Crow T Robot, but come on… it’s a rig that gets you there and back again.  If Bilbo Baggins had one of these, The Hobbit would have been a Short Story.  One day I will own one of these, and I’ll ride the hell out of it.  I want a stable of different bikes… so wanting this one is not exactly me saying I don’t want another one like a Vstrom, Tiger or BMW enduro… I’ve just always wanted a KLR.

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Gear Alert: Primos Light

I’m a gear whore when it comes to some things… especially Lights.   I love a good flashlight.  Primos has an interesting new Weapon Light out now.  It’s designed for Night/Low Light Predator Hunting. Check it out.

It seems fairly large for a weapon light, but it has some good qualities that make it worth a look.  Rechargable is a nice feature, as is the 220 Lumen LED head, and a 5 hour run time.  A High Low switch would be able to extend that life cycle by double I’m sure.

On the side is a small dial switch that turns a red filter to give you a 220 Lumen white light, or red light as the situation warrants it.  Well, maybe not red… more light a soft pink.  The white light is nice and bright, but I’m not sure our example is 220 lumins.  Maybe half of that… but it’s still nice and bright.

It has a very narrow profile and could potentially do very well on the side of a Quad Rail, or on the top with a rifle with a fold down flush front sight post.  However, this light from Primos has a couple problems I’m not real pleased about…

The mount is crazy tall.  It’s designed to clip to your 1″ Hunting Scope Body, and be able to rise above the scope’s objective bell and such.  Which is find for what it is… but a low picatiny mount would give this some nice tactical applications, not just hunting.

The light does come with a pig-tail switch.  But if you have charged batteries in the light, the light is on.  When you attach the pig-tail switch, you can then turn it off.  Oh, it also turns off if you plug it in to recharge… but then you can’t have the pig-tail switch plugged in when you do.  This retarded power on/off thing is a deal-breaker for me on the light for my purposes… but might be just fine for yours, so it’s worth looking at.  I think to make this light more ulititarian would have been to include a simple freaking ON OFF BUTTON.  Also, it’s not water proof.  WTF was Primos thinking here?  Fix these issues and give it a low profile pic mount and you could have a heck of a good Weapon Light for the Tactical Shooter, not just the Critter Shooter.

Monday’s Motorcycle: Triumph Bonneville

The Saturday evening friends gathered to watch some awesome Motorcycle Racing.  Before the races, we sat around a table and talked bikes and riding and all of us have some different points of view… but we all agreed on one thing.  Triumph.  No matter what kind of Biker you are… you have to nod that Triumph owns Cool.  So in honor of The Triumph Accord, Monday’s Motorcycle will be the coolest of all Triumph Motorcycles.  The Steve McQueen Edition Bonneville.

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Light Blogging.

Sorry about the light blogging, guys. There’s a reason for this I’ve been reluctant to share… Long day selling guns, I usually come home and chill and write and such. But lately that’s been different. Long day at work, then I go to the Outlaw Trail Theater where we are practicing for the opening of the show and as the story goes and luck would have it, I’m in the show. I’m playing two roles in fact.
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.
It’s not my fault… I didn’t even Try Out for it.  You see, my wife is an assistant director for the production and I needed to talk to her.  So I stopped by.  I rode up, jumped off my bike, had a few words… and left.  Well, the caste pretty much drafted me into playing the leader of the Hairy Bunch of Ishmaelites.  Okay, fine.  I only come on stage twice and I have no lines or dances or songs.  Fine.  Next thing I know, I’m drafted as Jacob as well… Some song, though brief, thankfully… but I’m on stage several times, and yes, I shall have to dance on stage… a couple times.   So I am officially in another Musical.  Yes, I’ve done this before.  I sang and danced to another Musical… and I was in not one, but two Ballets where I did indeed perform on stage in front of pretty large audiences.
I don’t know how I get myself into these messes.
By the time I come home from these practices, I am spent.  I ride my bike up to the front of Ogre Ranch, drag myself off and up the stairs, to my bedroom, where I fall on the bed and don’t move till the alarm goes off in the morning.  If I’m lucky, I’ll have taken off my boots.  No, don’t cry for me Argentina… I don’t need sympathy.

But if you want to see any pictures of me in Costume – That would require substantial amounts of Bribery.



The worst gun ever

We often hear about people talking about a gun they don’t like and they will proudly proclaim it to be “The Worst Gun Ever.”  I’ve heard this a lot this last while… and it’s become irritating.  No, Sir.  That is not the worst gun ever.  By comparison that gun you dislike, the Micro Eagle, The High Point, the Taurus… whatever Taurus you have… Is a Marvel of Engineering and Manufacturing when you consider the gun that truly was The Worst Gun Ever.

The Worst Gun Ever: The Chauchat

The Chauchat was designed by a Frenchman who looked at other guns and took ideas from several other guns… then put them all together with the aide of economical French manufacturing. Individual concepts of the design worked, before they were combined. Like Mustard and Chocolate… great with other things, but not together. That was the heart of the Chauchat. And then take those things and make them as poorly as possible.

The Liberator pistol was better built.

This gun used any excuse to Jam.  Like a critically lazy teenager, you couldn’t do anything to make it run.  The gun used a long recoil action, open magazines, and poor ergonomics.  In WWI Trench Warfare, this was completely the wrong approach for… anything.  If it got dirty, it would stop working.  If it got too hot, it would stop working.  And when it did get too hot… and by hot I mean slightly warmer than a couple magazines worth, the bolt wouldn’t go forward to chamber a round.  You had to let it cool off for 10 minutes.  Nothing better than a Malf that takes 10 minutes to clear.  Even when it did run, for those brief moments of effort, the gun was notoriously inaccurate. It patterned like a shotgun, but not where you wanted the shots to go. So yeah, the gun was completely useless.  The French, knowing the gun was crap, didn’t like to use them themselves.  So they pawned them off on other countries, including Americans who went to fight in WW First. The Americans tried to chamber it for .30-06, and that somehow only made matters worse. Oh, and recoil would make the gun shake its self to death and it would come apart if the parts didn’t just break apart. Yeah, it was that bad.

Bad quality of materials, bad manufacturing, and a bad design… That was the Chauchat. The Worst Gun In The World.

The French should stick to Fashion Designs.

Okay… no… they shouldn’t do that either.

Monday’s Motorcycle: Victory Vegas 8-Ball

America’s Other V-Twin Motorcycles… VICTORY.  All Victory bikes are clean, slick and smooth with lots of power on tap.  High build quality without the Harley Baggage.  I really like the Victory line… and my favorite, is the Vegas, Baby!  The 8 Ball is the one I love the most because it captures what the Vegas is all about… low slung, bad and all black.
If I was going to go back to riding a Cruiser… and one day I will… as a secondary bike… I would be looking for one of these Vegas 8 Ball machines.  I just love the look of this bike.  The lines.  The balance.  It’s a work of art.  I could just look at this bike all day.  In fact, this one photo alone I posted just encompasses everything that “Victory Motorcycles” is all about.  It’s not just all about looks though, Victory built these machines to be ridden.   Fantastic engines.  Great power delivery that never gets boring.

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Thinking about an Enduro

As a second bike.  Not going to give up my Street ride.  I’m broke, so no need to send me links or offers for Enduro bikes…  It’s going to be some time before I’m ready to get serious.  But a friend offered to let me test ride his KTM 525 MXC freaking monster of an Enduro.

Plenty of torque, effortless wheelies even when you are not really wanting to wheelie.   But wow… You are tall in the saddle on that machine!  Stretching my legs, I could barely touch the ground with my tip toes.  When braking, the front end had a good dive to it… could have been unsettling, but the bike was very solid and stable.  But if I got one of these, I’d have to spend a lot of time to get used to this sort of machine.  Plenty of juice for a lot of Get Up and Go.  Getting on the bike is tricky.  Getting off the bike is also tricky.   I’d want an Eduro that’s about 2 inches shorter.