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Thinking about an Enduro

As a second bike.  Not going to give up my Street ride.  I’m broke, so no need to send me links or offers for Enduro bikes…  It’s going to be some time before I’m ready to get serious.  But a friend offered to let me test ride his KTM 525 MXC freaking monster of an Enduro.

Plenty of torque, effortless wheelies even when you are not really wanting to wheelie.   But wow… You are tall in the saddle on that machine!  Stretching my legs, I could barely touch the ground with my tip toes.  When braking, the front end had a good dive to it… could have been unsettling, but the bike was very solid and stable.  But if I got one of these, I’d have to spend a lot of time to get used to this sort of machine.  Plenty of juice for a lot of Get Up and Go.  Getting on the bike is tricky.  Getting off the bike is also tricky.   I’d want an Eduro that’s about 2 inches shorter.