6 thoughts on “China on Guns”

  1. You are so right on the money with this, they hate our freedom and if they could they would take it away from us.
    God bless America! And gun ownership!

  2. And yet we keep buying a ton of crap from china. Cheap red dots, scopes, mounts, slings, flashlights, “tactical” clothing, norinco guns, etc… Kind of hypocritical, don’t you think? If you REALLY are serious about saying “F” you to china, start making a change on what you buy.

    LOOK at the label, and if it says “made in china”, put it back on the shelf, and save up for something Made in the USA.

    1. Actually, from an economic standpoint, the best method is to seek out the Chinese products that are cheap because their government subsidizes them, tell the US government to leave them alone, and buy as much as possible.

      If the Chinese government wants to sell solar panels to Americans, below-cost, let them. It benefits Americans, and costs China to do it.

      Then, in the fields where China is raking in large profits, take the money that you saved by buying the subsidized product, and buy American.

      If Americans bought a /planned/ combination of American and Chinese products, and the US government stopped interfering, the Chinese government would go bankrupt pretty quickly…

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