Thinking about an Enduro

As a second bike.  Not going to give up my Street ride.  I’m broke, so no need to send me links or offers for Enduro bikes…  It’s going to be some time before I’m ready to get serious.  But a friend offered to let me test ride his KTM 525 MXC freaking monster of an Enduro.

Plenty of torque, effortless wheelies even when you are not really wanting to wheelie.   But wow… You are tall in the saddle on that machine!  Stretching my legs, I could barely touch the ground with my tip toes.  When braking, the front end had a good dive to it… could have been unsettling, but the bike was very solid and stable.  But if I got one of these, I’d have to spend a lot of time to get used to this sort of machine.  Plenty of juice for a lot of Get Up and Go.  Getting on the bike is tricky.  Getting off the bike is also tricky.   I’d want an Eduro that’s about 2 inches shorter.

6 thoughts on “Thinking about an Enduro”

  1. I always preferred a bike that can handle both road and trail. I’ve not had one but I’ve always heard rave reviews of the Kawasaki KLR 650.

  2. You can get a lowering link for just about any enduro styled bike. You will get used to the height. I went from a bike of this style to a road bike, and the transition from a higher seat to a lower set took some getting used to. One good thing about a a higher bike is that it teaches you that with speed and clutch control you really don’t have to use your feet at all. I think that it will make you a better rider in the long run. Have fun when you decide what you want.

  3. Hi there. I own too many bikes. I have 3 Dual Sports right now. A Yamaha WR250R, Yamaha TW200, and a Suzuki DR650. If you live in an area of lots of dirt roads and trails, Enduros or Dual Sports are great. The Suzuki DR650, can be found at reasonable prices, get great mpg, and can cruise at 75 mph. I’m small (5’6″), so I had to use lowering links on my WR250R. But, it’s a great all arounder. Usually gets me 60 mpg, and can cruise at 75 mph. Much better off road than the DR650. My TW200 is my training bike. Top speed is about 70mph. But it is so easy to ride. The TW200 is my favorite gravel road bike. I wish they made it in a 350 version. Blaine

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