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Monday’s Motorcycle: Victory Vegas 8-Ball

America’s Other V-Twin Motorcycles… VICTORY.  All Victory bikes are clean, slick and smooth with lots of power on tap.  High build quality without the Harley Baggage.  I really like the Victory line… and my favorite, is the Vegas, Baby!  The 8 Ball is the one I love the most because it captures what the Vegas is all about… low slung, bad and all black.
If I was going to go back to riding a Cruiser… and one day I will… as a secondary bike… I would be looking for one of these Vegas 8 Ball machines.  I just love the look of this bike.  The lines.  The balance.  It’s a work of art.  I could just look at this bike all day.  In fact, this one photo alone I posted just encompasses everything that “Victory Motorcycles” is all about.  It’s not just all about looks though, Victory built these machines to be ridden.   Fantastic engines.  Great power delivery that never gets boring.

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Bike Bling

Well, the new chain for my motorcycle arrived.  Holy cow…. The Gold Chain is a hell of a lot of BLING for me.  What was I thinking?  Oh well.  We’ll put it on and see how it looks after 10,000 miles.

The new brake lever I ordered was silver.  The one that arrived though… Black.  I was going to send it back… but I went ahead and put it on.  Looks sharp.  I think I’ll order a black clutch lever too.

Bike chain failure.

I knew I was well overdue to get a new bike chain.  I was planning on doing it in October, towards the end of the riding season.  Fate however, had other plans.  Coming back from a lunch at Cafe Rio, the chain broke.

I’ve had a chain break before on me.  When it did, the chain locked up the rear tire and I was suddenly dumped to the ground.  I was going pretty fast and the results were unpleasant but not serious as I was wearing good protective gear.  I was shaken, but not stirred.   This time, it was strange… engine RPM just ramped up and spun free with no increase in speed… the chain just unspooled off the sprockets.

The bike will go into the shop tomorrow.  New chain, sprockets, tires. (7000 miles of hard riding is evidently the life span of these tires I had.) While it’s in the shop I’ll have them put in some iridium plugs, K&N filter and rejet it.

I think my riding for the year is done.  I’ll hit it again in the spring.

I need a fairing

My Honda Magna has a windscreen that looks like a police riot shield.  I took it off and blasted up the highway… and it’s not good without some wind protection.  I need something a lot smaller, something streamlined a bit…   Maybe something like this:

I like the nice sleak bullet shape it gives the front end, while still having enough to channel air flow away from most of me.

If anyone out there sees a fairing like this that would work for a ’95 Magna, Let me know, please!


Rattle? What?

The bike has been purring along since I got it. This morning, on the way in to work, it all the sudden started a bad rattle. At idle, in neutral, there is no rattle. In gear, when rolling, it rattles. Bad. WTF?
I really don’t need this right now. I mean, COME ON!


So I put some guns up on KSL for trade for a Motorcycle.   I get some responses for parts bikes… nothing that runs.   Then I get an offer that’s just crazy good for a 2004 HD Softail.  Dude sends pictures and everything.   Oh hell yes.  The guy wants it out of his garage.  I say “Yup, I’ll take that trade offer.”

But then the guy gets cold feet and welches.   Feh.  I mean, come on… You put up a bike that’s worth twice what I offered to trade, that’s not my problem.  Oh well.  Still no bike for the Ogre.