Light Blogging.

Sorry about the light blogging, guys. There’s a reason for this I’ve been reluctant to share… Long day selling guns, I usually come home and chill and write and such. But lately that’s been different. Long day at work, then I go to the Outlaw Trail Theater where we are practicing for the opening of the show and as the story goes and luck would have it, I’m in the show. I’m playing two roles in fact.
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.
It’s not my fault… I didn’t even Try Out for it.  You see, my wife is an assistant director for the production and I needed to talk to her.  So I stopped by.  I rode up, jumped off my bike, had a few words… and left.  Well, the caste pretty much drafted me into playing the leader of the Hairy Bunch of Ishmaelites.  Okay, fine.  I only come on stage twice and I have no lines or dances or songs.  Fine.  Next thing I know, I’m drafted as Jacob as well… Some song, though brief, thankfully… but I’m on stage several times, and yes, I shall have to dance on stage… a couple times.   So I am officially in another Musical.  Yes, I’ve done this before.  I sang and danced to another Musical… and I was in not one, but two Ballets where I did indeed perform on stage in front of pretty large audiences.
I don’t know how I get myself into these messes.
By the time I come home from these practices, I am spent.  I ride my bike up to the front of Ogre Ranch, drag myself off and up the stairs, to my bedroom, where I fall on the bed and don’t move till the alarm goes off in the morning.  If I’m lucky, I’ll have taken off my boots.  No, don’t cry for me Argentina… I don’t need sympathy.

But if you want to see any pictures of me in Costume – That would require substantial amounts of Bribery.



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  1. Ogre-San: Always been a fan of this show. Trivia – my step dad taught Tim Rice how to sing when he was a kid…

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