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  1. Nice review. Good job.

    I’m in the market for a small 9mm but haven’t decided which yet. Your review did much to inform me of some of the differences in the pistols. Especially prices. Being just a Poor Rican from the Bronx, I can’t see spending $1000 on what amounts to a slightly larger pocket pistol (though I would like an EMP). If the Shield makes it to my local store I may consider that. The price is right, and it’s not that much different from my XD’s.

  2. Manual safety on a DAO is a deal breaker for me. At least they don’t have magazine disconnects (I assume anway). SO I guess it would be the Nano if I cad the cash right now. Darn thing is uncomfortable though. A little too square in the grip. I haven’t found the lack of a (real) slide release to be an issue on my LCP so that doesn’t affect me much. I want a carry gun as simple and reliable (for controls) as possible. A DA/SA with a decocker would be awesome.

    1. A magazine safety would break the deal for me as well. I would rather have that one shot in in a pinch, but that’s just me. The manual safety is not that big a deal. My EDC is an XD9Compact. Basically it’s grab-n-go. According to the website, the Shield is designed around its larger M&P brethren. I’ve had one and thought it was very similar to my XD’s as well. I don’t think I’ll have much problem with the manual safety not being set on a Shield. Still I have to try one if I can before I buy. Is the Shield DA/SA?

      1. As far as i know the smallest DA/SA is the sig two.three.nine. (apparently my phone doesnt feel like doing numbers right now lol )

  3. Great review, G. . I usually have an aversion to things marketed these days by Kimber but that SOLO looks very interesting. Ergonomics plays a big role for me and it looks like the best of the pistols featured with the possible exception of the EMP. Concealability wise it appears to beat the EMP by a considerable margin. The price is not a deal breaker either so maybe I need to go find one to fondle. I never hesitated to bring a nice girl to the wrong side of the tracks as long as she was well armed ( grin ).

  4. I tried (dry-fire) the trigger on a S&W Shield, for a DAO it was VERY VERY LIGHT. I suspect I would be using the safety. The trigger was in a class with the Single Action Trigger on a NEW Colt 1911!

    Best factory trigger I’ve tried lately, SIG 1911. It was as clean and light as the 4 1/2 lb custom triggers that I have on my 1911s.

    Who finds the SWaMPy 9c a little too thick for CCW, The Kahr 9094N is still my choice, unless I use the Ruger LCP.

    1. So it is DAO? Hmmm… back to the rotation. That’s not a deal breaker by itself, but like I said, I haven’t tried one yet.

  5. It is easy to drink the Glock and 9mm Kool-Aid, but I’m surprised you did it so easily…(lol)

    1. My carry gun us a full size Glock 10mm with a TLR-1 tac light. Deep concealed carry is a Glock 23. I don’t even have a 9mm.

      1. I wondered where the new 10 fit in. Well done, I am sure. I guess it’s just that we’re seeing a lot of 9s here recently…

  6. “…the trigger on a S&W Shield, for a DAO it was VERY VERY LIGHT…”

    Really? You think so? The specimen that I handled was not very impressive. Maybe I looked at one made on a Friday?

  7. Ogre,
    Do you think the Sig P938 will follow the same path as the P238? 3 magazine upgrades, a recoil spring upgrade and finally an unpublicized change in the slide itself before it is a reliable pistol. I hope not. I love every aspect of my P238 except for the fact that I cant trust it even after the new mags and springs and a trip back to Sig. It is getting ready to go back again. I hope Sig learned from the thousands of returned P238s and got the 938 right the 1st time.

  8. Ogre,
    You missed the Kahr PM9 which is a good one. Have a Solo as well but it is just not reliable enough to carry. Do you think Kimber will ever get them to run right? Mine is out of warranty now. The P290’s grip texture sucks. The Nano is nice, they just need a stainless top model I am addicted to these type guns and will probably pick up an XDS when they get some stainless ones out. Enjoy your contributions on AAR.

  9. Just ordered a Shield in 9mm for our son, who is a police officer, as a backup gun.
    Their primary weapon is the full size M&P so I thought this would be a good choice for
    him since it is the same platform he is used to. It is our belated fathers day gift to him.

  10. Actually watched the review… surprised? I took the concealed weapons class a few months ago and have a glock 26 but I’d like to check out the Kimber (mostly because I like the look of it, is that a girl thing or what?). I’ve decided you need to get to know my husband, you guys would have a lot to talk about.

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