Everything I needed to know about Huntsman

Is summed up right here. 25K to Harry Reid?  Let’s also not forget he dropped being the Utah State Governor so he could accept Obama’s appointment to be Ambassador to China.  Yeah, I don’t think I could play ball with Huntsman.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the Huntsman family and everything they have done for the State of Utah… The Huntsman Cancer Institute is the best in the nation.  When my Grandfather was stricken with cancer, he went there… and he was treated with the utmost dignity and careful attention… better than any hospital treating any patient I have ever seen.  I appreciate that greatly.

But I could never vote for any Huntsman for any office.  Sorry.


Raise your Gator-Bulls high! I have good news!

I’ve finished the editing and as of right now, the publisher has the manuscript and is reading it… and he’s digging it.

Final Word Count is 151,586 words.  This translates into about 600 pages.

Sealed Mindset and Crusader Weaponry

Retired Navy Seal, Larry Yatch, is one of the most impressive men I’ve ever met. Great guy. He has started a very impressive training school called Sealed Mindset. We talked at SHOT Show together with Joe Chetwood about building a rifle for a friend of his. Evidently the gun was a success. We now build their guns built to their specs.

Guys, these are probably the most hard core AR-15’s we’ve ever built. No, strike that – they are the most hard core AR-15’s we’ve ever built. And these guns are exclusive to Sealed Mindset. We can’t sell them to you. If you want one, contact Sealed Mindset, and order one.  While you are there, sign up for a training class to go with it.

For more photos of these awesome guns, check them out here.

Rick Perry for POTUS?

I took a break from editing “Uprising” to catch some news that Mark at Armed American Radio suggested I check out.  Texas Governor Rick Perry spoke at CPAC this weekend.  Did you catch this?  Listen to this.    His voice sounds like GW Bush, which is fine… I don’t mind the Texas Drawl.  But that’s not what I’m hearing.  If you listen to what he says, I’m hearing Reagan.  I’m hearing a Solid Conservative.  I’m hearing the next President of the United States.

There are going to be those that are going to hate on him simply because he sounds like Bush because he’s a Texan.  But I think that’s a good thing.  I’ll take a Texas Governor over a Chicago Thug any day of the week.  I still don’t know what a Community Organizer is… but do know what a Governor is.  Governor means executive experience.  Community Organizer sounds like bullshit to me.

Here’s what we know about Rick Perry.  He’s Conservative.  He’s Pro-Gun.  He’s the guy that shot the coyote while he was jogging with his Concealed Handgun.   Now Rick hasn’t announced it yet, but Mark and I both agree – Rick Perry is our Top Pick.

(Okay, no more blogging – I gotta get Uprising edited and to the Publisher!)

NBC: Giving the Finger to America

NBC edited the Pledge of Allegiance.  If you watch the video, you can see they are cutting the words and splicing in patriotic images.  Which was poorly done and they could have shown those images over the words of the Pledge.  But that’s not what they did because they had a motive.  Watch the video and listen to the words.  They cut out two words.  Under God.

This is an attack on the base foundation that our Nation was built on.  We’re a nation built on Conservative Judeo-Christian Values.  We’re not an Anti-Religious country.   80% of the Country believes in God.  Different views, but generally we are a nation that believes.   And that’s a great thing.  But there is a movement in the country to undermine that foundation.  We see that in the constant attacks against anything that symbolizes Christianity.  And we see that NBC is a part of that movement.

The insulting part is that back-handed apology NBC made.  They didn’t say they were sorry that they edited the Pledge.  They said that they were sorry people were offended.  They didn’t even mention what they cut out.  They couldn’t even say that.   Scumbags.


David Codrea

Credit is not always given where credit is due. All the news about the ATF’s SNAFU… it’s all sourced from our friend David Codrea, who broke this story wide open and now has all the Media Outlets tapping his information. But not all of them are attributing him as the source. Some have… and that’s great. But if it wasn’t for David’s persistent hard work – The American People would not have known about this gigantic violation of Trust.
I’ve had a link to one of his sites – War On Guns – for years.  Go to that blog and in his column on the left side, scroll down and you see links for the whole enchilada on Project Gunwalker… and evidently you’ll know more about it than the head of the BATFE.

Thank you, David, for your diligence and all your hard work.

Crusader’s ST-2 Treatment

We’ve talked about the ST-1 Treatment a lot. That’s a permanent application of out Slipstream to the Bolt Carrier Group, Buffer, Spring, and Charging Handle.
The ST-2 treatment makes a huge difference. Because now you also get the trigger group, all the insides of the lower receiver, and inside the upper receiver. This is important because it slicks up the bearing surfaces where the bolt rides and he charging handle. Don’t get me wrong, ST-1 is worth it… but the ST-2 is on a whole other level. It blows other treatments, such as FailZero out of the water so hard, it isn’t even funny.

I hate Ranch

I’ve said this before… but I have to say it again.  I hate Ranch.  What is called “Ranch Dressing” for dips and salads and sandwiches… Fetid, rotten, vile puss squeezed from a boil on the devil’s buttocks.  It’s the worst thing that people bottle and sell with marketing that shows children happily dipping carrots into it… don’t buy into that false promise, my friends.  For in that way is folly and foul taste.


Who Is Deadliest?

In one corner, we have Gandalf the White.  Wizard of the First Order, armed with a stick that glows in the dark.  In the other corner we have Masterchief.  Hero of Halo, armed with whatever weapons he finds.


I think this just might be just as valid as “Deadliest Warrior”.  Just sayin.


Anyone want to vote for Miss Utah?

Once more, I’m asking The Horde for help.   McKenna is going for Miss Utah again, and word has it, she is the one to beat this year.  The favored girl.  So here is what we need to do.

She's going for Miss Utah, because there is no Miss Super Awesome.

Take a look at all the Pretty Faces here.  And find McKenna’s picture, and vote for her.  Simple thing really.  I think there is even a donation thing to contribute to her Charity or something like that.  Because it’s also a fundraiser.   She’s the only gal there that is busting 30 out of 30 with her Over-Under.  Just saying.

Kenna has done this before and did very well, but didn’t win.  The Pagent People around are paying her a lot of attention this time around.    She’s had some setbacks, but has overcome them.  She went out for So You Think You Can Dance and the Producers spent 2 Days filming only her.   They filmed her shooting Shotguns and stuff… Yeah, they sent a film crew all the way out here and followed her around like puppies.   Then when the show aired, they didn’t use any of it.  In fact, she was only on screen 3 times I counted, for about a second each time.  They didn’t show her dance.  They didn’t show her win the ticket to Vegas or anything.  They cut her out completely.   Why?  Probably because the Brits involved in the show were offended that this girl owns and shoots guns.  She was very hurt.  She said, “It’s like it didn’t even happen.”  Instead of showing her, they showed some lunatics.  Some girl that thinks she’s the daughter of one of the Beatles, and the lunatic that thinks he’s Ringo Starr, even though he’s about a foot taller than Ringo.

Well, she picked herself back up and is moving on.  Because that’s what we do.  This People’s Choice vote can really help her out.    If she goes to a straight up competition, with real judges who are not playing political games, McKenna wins every time.  She has a collection of trophies that can fill rooms.  But in this competition, she needs some support.