Sealed Mindset and Crusader Weaponry

Retired Navy Seal, Larry Yatch, is one of the most impressive men I’ve ever met. Great guy. He has started a very impressive training school called Sealed Mindset. We talked at SHOT Show together with Joe Chetwood about building a rifle for a friend of his. Evidently the gun was a success. We now build their guns built to their specs.

Guys, these are probably the most hard core AR-15’s we’ve ever built. No, strike that – they are the most hard core AR-15’s we’ve ever built. And these guns are exclusive to Sealed Mindset. We can’t sell them to you. If you want one, contact Sealed Mindset, and order one.  While you are there, sign up for a training class to go with it.

For more photos of these awesome guns, check them out here.

2 thoughts on “Sealed Mindset and Crusader Weaponry”

    1. Yes it was. Over all in the big scheme of things, this might not be that big of a deal, but to us, this is huge. When a guy like Larry Yatch, who could have picked anything… when he picked us. Meant the world. Know what I mean?

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