Raise your Gator-Bulls high! I have good news!

I’ve finished the editing and as of right now, the publisher has the manuscript and is reading it… and he’s digging it.

Final Word Count is 151,586 words.  This translates into about 600 pages.

12 thoughts on “Uprising”

        1. Well it’s in the hands of the… Duh duh DUUUHH!!! (dramatic music) The Publisher! (Use VoiceOver Man’s Voice and insert women screaming)

  1. Awesome news George. Ill be picking up a copy just because there was so damn much I think I have forgotten most of it lol.

  2. Red Bull.

    Never liked it.

    I can drink it if there is nothing else but the stuff is hidious.

    So, I will do a couple of shots of Milagro Anejo followed by a Grainbelt Nordeast in honor of George “Mad Ogre” Hill…the author!


  3. Guys,guys, patience. When a publisher accepts a book the real work can start for an author. The publisher will proof read it, make corrections, perhaps send it back with a request with for rewrites of some sections. It is not unusual for the galley proofs to go back and forth several times. A book can shrink or grow because of this process. Also there is the marketing decision as to which format to publish in first. Getting a book published can sometimes take longer that it did to right it. Hard back first, paper back second, and these days the Ebook is considered.
    Amazon has started doing a same time Ebook, actual book release.

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