NBC: Giving the Finger to America

NBC edited the Pledge of Allegiance.  If you watch the video, you can see they are cutting the words and splicing in patriotic images.  Which was poorly done and they could have shown those images over the words of the Pledge.  But that’s not what they did because they had a motive.  Watch the video and listen to the words.  They cut out two words.  Under God.

This is an attack on the base foundation that our Nation was built on.  We’re a nation built on Conservative Judeo-Christian Values.  We’re not an Anti-Religious country.   80% of the Country believes in God.  Different views, but generally we are a nation that believes.   And that’s a great thing.  But there is a movement in the country to undermine that foundation.  We see that in the constant attacks against anything that symbolizes Christianity.  And we see that NBC is a part of that movement.

The insulting part is that back-handed apology NBC made.  They didn’t say they were sorry that they edited the Pledge.  They said that they were sorry people were offended.  They didn’t even mention what they cut out.  They couldn’t even say that.   Scumbags.


9 thoughts on “NBC: Giving the Finger to America”

  1. I don’t disagree. Buuut… one could argue that “under God” is a relatively new part of the pledge (added in 1954).

    I honestly don’t think NBC did it on purpose. Probably just gave the job to some lackey idiot who then promptly went and f***ed it up when he/she did a Google search and took it the first hit they got for gospel. First in such a search has a version without the “under God”.

  2. On June 14, 1954 U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed a bill into law that placed the words “under God” into the United States’ Pledge of Allegiance. These words were included to remind us of the difference between us and the “godless communists” of the world. It seems the communists have achieved positions of sufficient power or influence to remove the words from a public telecast. God bless everyone who contacted their local affiliate stations and the networks to call them on this lapse. Teach your children and neighbors to remain vigilant to attempts to attack us from within and on the smallest and most tangential points. A sculptor reduces a huge block of stone one small chip at a time. I don’t like where the artist is inclined to take this work.

    Andy Ford

  3. This is ridiculous. This is exactly the kind of crap that these liberal news medias try to sneak in under our noses and hope they can get one over on us. Also, I’m not sure why it wasn’t specifically mentioned in that video, but it was actually THREE words that were omitted: “…under God, indivisible…”

  4. I long ago gave NBC the finger – I haven’t watched their trash for at least 15 years.

    This was done purposely – they’ll claim it was an innocent error, but if you understand that the “progressives” have been engaged in a century-long attempt to undermine our nation’s ideals and to substitute it with a society that they (our “betters”) will run, then you’ll understand that this was no accident. It was done as part of the effort to desensitize us and to tear us away from our roots.

  5. It’s the pledge itself that is disgusting. It was written by a socialist to teach our kids to worship the state instead of God. Get rid of it. And just because the war criminal Lincoln one the war of northern aggression hardly makes this country indivisible. And the fools who run this country in Washington are most certainly NOT under God (until they die and face the judgment).

    1. Nice and easy Pat… I’ve told everyone to back away… no-one is going to hurt you… just put the pen down and let’s talk for a minute…

  6. I am an atheist.

    Does this mean I am a an attack to the base foundations our country was built on?

    As mentioned the pledge of allegiance was written by a socialist.

    It originally read: “I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

    No American should ever pledge themselves to a flag. The image of school children chanting an oath daily to a flag is frankly creepy and the sort of thing we are outraged by when collectivist countries do it.

    We are an individualist country. Those were the founding principles that actually matter.

    Getting your nickers in a twist over this is about as ridiculousness as a hockey riot.

    It just doesn’t matter. If you want to say under god, say it, if you don’t want to, then don’t.

    Lets save our indignation for something more substantive.

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