The Circuit Judge

I really want to like the Rossi Circuit Judge, especially if they would offer it in .44 or .357, which they’ve not done yet. I’m a Die Hard .410 Hater. I sweat to God I’ll never like those, and if I do – please smack me upside the head with a Hockey Stick. Anyways, we’ve seen some issues with the Circuit Judge. The Grip-Stock is blocking shell ejection. We’ve just had to take one back because an attempted speed reload resulted in a bent ejector. It was too easy to bend and too easy to bend back. That’s not cool. That needs to be strengthened. The grip-stock also needs to be redesigned so as to allow it to clear ejecting shells.
I think the swing out cylinder is awkward on these things. The package is nice enough… a light and handy revolving carbine… it’s cool. It really is. But the Circuit Judge is a poor execution of the concept. I’d rather see a Revolving Carbine based on a Peacemaker action – which actually makes more sense than anything, or better yet, a Top Break. I bet a custom gunsmith could take one of those Uberti Top Breaks and make it into a revolving carbine pretty easily.

Relevant Revolvers

I’ve heard a lot of people scoff Wheelguns lately. Saying that the revolver was dead. These are guys that worship at font of High Capacity and think good shooting is a 1.5 second mag dump. That’s all fine and well. Drilling at target mulitple times in the blink of an eye is fun. And in a gunfight, it would do the job.
However not all shooting is a gun fight. I don’t have to look over both shoulders before I safe my weapon and reholster every time I shoot because I tend to think that in an actual fight, that instinct is still going to be there.
Back the wheelguns… I think revolvers are actually seeing a resurgence of popularity. Not just the Snubs or the huge magnum .500’s… but in the mid sized guns in .357 and .44. Which used to be the main stream of handgunning. People are appreciating that great balance of power and controllability that 686 and 629’s have.
I’m still itching for a .44 myself.

Standing the Test of Time

We all know that Hollywood has a thing for “Remakes”. It’s a money making formula for them. The biggest excuses for doing a Remake, is that the original film was “Dated”. And in some cases, maybe they have some point. For example, Clash of the Titans was certainly dated, but in doing the Remake, they ruined the charm of Clash of the Titans and destroyed all the reasons to like it. The new version is total rubbish.
There are some movies however that stand the test of time and you can enjoy them just as much now as when the film first came out.
Alien & Aliens. Predator. The Thing. Bladerunner.
These movies are so good, that they are Required Viewing for membership in The Horde. If you don’t like these films, you probably sodomize garden gnomes and stab kittens with shrimp forks. Anyone attempting to even put forward the idea to do a Remake on these films need to be up against a wall before they could finish the sentence.

Light for Caliber

I often get emails asking about what loads to use in what guns… Handguns and Rifles. There is a lot of considerations for what load to shoot, and often the load selection is even more important than the choice of platform to launch it from.
For handguns, I generally like to go Light for Caliber. Picking the lighter load options rather than the more popular heavy options. Reason being, I like velocity in my handguns, which often provides more hydrodynamic reaction that gives more consistent bullet expansion. Take the lightest options, try them, and only go heavier if accuracy is suffering in the light loads. I’ve found that quite often the light to medium shoot the more accurate than the heavier loads, but every gun is different and yours might be different, so you have to try it all out for yourself.
Now, for Rifles… I like the Medium to Heavy bullets for caliber because the heavier ones tend to offer then higher ballistic coefficient numbers that I want for longer range shots.
This is just the way I roll… it’s what works for me… Your mileage may differ.

Zombie Survival

With the CDC warning of Zombies, and the Zombie Survival Discussion Panel that’s going to happen Friday Night at ConDuit with Larry Correia, Mike Kupari, and my brother Zack… I thought I’d preemptively put out my opinion on the subject.  Luckily, I found that my good friend Terry has made my argument for me in language so clear and concise as to command acquiescence and affirmation.

Someone looks silly…

The Bible says that no one knows when it’s going to happen.  This Rapture Preacher is just bugnuts to have the audacity to say that he knows.  Well, the day came and went and nothing happened.  If God was talking to him, and telling him when it was going to happen, I kinda think it would have happened.

Now he’s saying “Oh, it’s in October“.  Yeah, that’s not how God works.  We’re talking about the God that hit the Egyptians with plagues, knocked off the first borns, parted the Red Sea… brought down pillars of fire and handed Moses the Commandments.   That’s how God works.  He tells his Prophet he’s going to do something, it happens.  This Peacher is no Moses.  You know what the Bible was right about?  That there would be many False Prophets.

Win a Slipstream ST-1 Treatment

I’ve mentioned before that Huey’s Gunsight has a contest.  He’s giving away a treatment… Crusader Weaponry’s ST-1 Treatment.  This is a permanent application of Slipstream that will seriously improve your AR-15, AK, 870, or whatever other gun you want to slick up.

For more information on this, check out the thread about it on WTA.    You still have a little time left.  So enter!

Guys, I liked my M4 before… a lot.  Then I got the ST-1 treatment.  I love it now.  I really do.  It’s like the weapon is filled with double cream and blessings from Valhalla.

.50 BMG Shockwaves

I have a little video up on YouTube that always gets the most enlightened of comments.

Like this video here.  The Comment that just illustrates the frustration is like this one:

LOL I dont even think youd have to hit the thing with that, the bullet whizzing past a prairie dog would be enough to kill it. Mind you kind of an expensive way to get rid of vermin aint it

Sorry, I didn’t edit the comments… Just Cut and Paste so you can see what’s going on without having to actually go dip into those dank waters.

There are so many misconceptions about “The Fifty” that it’s almost as if it’s some mythological beast… One day, it’s going to be like talking about Dragons or something.

The .50 doesn’t put out head ripping shockwaves.  It’s only 2700 to 2800 FPS in most loadings.  Which puts it at the same speed as say a .308 or a good old .30-06.  In fact, the cartridge is really nothing more than a big .30-06.   What gives the .50 the range and power, is that the projective is just so big and heavy.  Bullets weight in from 650 to over 750 grains… which is impressive.  The .50 BMG’s slug alone is larger than some rifle cartridges.  Firing a .50 BMG rifle is a lot of fun.  It’s impressive.  The blast is huge.  The power that it puts out is staggering.  But the bullet zipping past something in a near miss isn’t going to do anything to it other than making it soil its self.