The Circuit Judge

I really want to like the Rossi Circuit Judge, especially if they would offer it in .44 or .357, which they’ve not done yet. I’m a Die Hard .410 Hater. I sweat to God I’ll never like those, and if I do – please smack me upside the head with a Hockey Stick. Anyways, we’ve seen some issues with the Circuit Judge. The Grip-Stock is blocking shell ejection. We’ve just had to take one back because an attempted speed reload resulted in a bent ejector. It was too easy to bend and too easy to bend back. That’s not cool. That needs to be strengthened. The grip-stock also needs to be redesigned so as to allow it to clear ejecting shells.
I think the swing out cylinder is awkward on these things. The package is nice enough… a light and handy revolving carbine… it’s cool. It really is. But the Circuit Judge is a poor execution of the concept. I’d rather see a Revolving Carbine based on a Peacemaker action – which actually makes more sense than anything, or better yet, a Top Break. I bet a custom gunsmith could take one of those Uberti Top Breaks and make it into a revolving carbine pretty easily.

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  1. A top break in theory is good but in reality the arm just wouldn’t hold up to any serious use. The main weakness is the single pivot point that take all of the stress not only when the arm is opened but when it’s locked up as well. As a hand gun it’s strong enough but as a carbine that joint will become wobbly over time and could even snap in half under some stress…even possibly from leaning it against something with a small amount of force applied. Beretta does have a revolving carbine in. 45 Colt.

  2. Doesn’t uberti have one of these? I have wanted one since I was a kid, a revolver carbine was my first toy cowboy rifle. Nice, light little plinking or even hunting gun, good for other purposes too. Its just got style. That said, yeah, the circuit judge’s long chamber just totally ruins the look for me. I wanted to like it too, I’ll just never use it for .410. The swing out does seem a little wierd, the other options you mentioned would be much better. Probably the colt SAA style loading gate would work best, both feel and looks. Cimarron’s got one, looks a little funny, but coms in .45 colt and .357. .44 mag would be nice.

  3. .45-70 top break automatic revolving carbine. Based on the Webley automatic revolver.

    They were very weak. Thus the anemic cartridges the big Brit revolvers were chambered for.

    Using a Greener cross bolt lock up on the top strap would double the strength. Modern steels are vastly superior to those of 100 years ago.

    I can’t think of anything ever made that you could use to start from. All one off hand made. The cool factor would over come all obstacles.

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