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I’ve heard a lot of people scoff Wheelguns lately. Saying that the revolver was dead. These are guys that worship at font of High Capacity and think good shooting is a 1.5 second mag dump. That’s all fine and well. Drilling at target mulitple times in the blink of an eye is fun. And in a gunfight, it would do the job.
However not all shooting is a gun fight. I don’t have to look over both shoulders before I safe my weapon and reholster every time I shoot because I tend to think that in an actual fight, that instinct is still going to be there.
Back the wheelguns… I think revolvers are actually seeing a resurgence of popularity. Not just the Snubs or the huge magnum .500’s… but in the mid sized guns in .357 and .44. Which used to be the main stream of handgunning. People are appreciating that great balance of power and controllability that 686 and 629’s have.
I’m still itching for a .44 myself.

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  1. I love wheelguns. I actually have more wheels than autos. (Maybe odd for a guy in his late-20s.) My absolute favorites are the Performance Center S&W 500 with the 7.5″ barrel, the Colt SAA in nickel, and the S&W ‘Trail Boss’, which is basically a 629 with a smooth cylinder and a 3″ barrel.

    Something about wheel guns just resonates with me.

  2. My first revolver was a S&W 629 6″ .44 Mag.
    I have not been without a revolver since that day.
    I went from a 6″ .44 mag to a 4″ .44 spl.
    My revolvers have only been .44s and .45s.
    We own 3 at the moment.
    All .44s, 2 spls and 1 magnum.
    The magnum is 2 5/8″ inches of nasty blued steel.
    If someone pulled it on me, I dont think they would have to pull the trigger for me to drop.
    The spls are 2″ 5 shot snubbies, 1 blued and one stainless.
    These are not BBQ guns, target guns, or tacticool guns.
    These are big bore, up close and personal, him or me, fighting guns.

    And I LOVE them.


  3. I’ve carried an SP-101 as a back-up for 19 years now and I’m fixing to buy another then a GP-100. I’ve never felt underarmed with a revolver, even with a single action. A Vaquero is also on my list.

  4. I never stopped being a revolver guy. Other than my Combat Commander, I shoot and carry nothing but wheelguns. I recently picked up a brand new 3″ 686+ and it is quickly becoming a favorite.

  5. Normally I pack a plastic 9mm with 17+1 rounds on tap, but those days when I go with the .41 Mag Blackhawk I don’t feel any less armed.

  6. Must be something in the air; which do you like, based on value, Taurus 608 or Smith 627 series, same general dimensions? There’s something about eight rounds of .357 in one cylinder that intrigues me greatly.

    1. Taurus contracted the rights to produce those Smith designs way back when, so there are a lot of similarities. Both good guns. I’d take that Smith though.

  7. My next handgun purchase is probably going to be a 686+. Or maybe a Ruger GP100 (possibly the 7-round .327). Either way it’s going into the carry rotation, ‘cuz I don’t buy safe queens.

  8. I have always been a “revolver guy” and have never felt undergunned carrying one. I am amused by those who claim the revolver to be obsolete as a serious fighting weapon.

    The wheelgun is certainly not the be-all-end-all in handguns but for the defensive needs of most average citizens the revolver is just as formidable and effective now as it has ever been.

  9. My wife likes revolvers. The model 60 Ladysmith fit her perfectly. With the right grips, could we get something like a 686 or model 27 to fit her hands, or is the frame difference too great?

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