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Polymer cased ammunition.

The Firearms Blog has posted a bit about polymer cased ammunition.  Check it out here.

At the last SHOT SHOW’s Media Range Day, I observed some of this.

Plastic Fifty

I don’t remember the name of the company, but I believe they were either Utah or Idaho based.  Cost savings is a big benefit, but the biggest boon is the weight savings.  30% reduction in the weight of a loaded cartridge.  Now imagine the benefit of that when you are a soldier or sheepdog using Surefire’s quad stacked 60 or 100 round cases.  Think that might be helpful? You bet it is.  At the Media Range Day, I was also told that the cases are easily reloadable.


Bullet Selection is important

I talk about this with customers and knowledge seekers all the time. Caliber is a question that really doesn’t make such a huge difference as most cartridges are throwing the lead in a similar trajectory until you get into some extreme differences. So your old .30-06 vs .270 question is moot. Most guys get the bigger caliber and then shoot the cheapest bullets through it. This is not advisable. Your bullet selection plays an important, critical part. Because the rifle doesn’t make the kill. The bullet does. You need to match the bullet to what you want to kill with it.

Light for Caliber

I often get emails asking about what loads to use in what guns… Handguns and Rifles. There is a lot of considerations for what load to shoot, and often the load selection is even more important than the choice of platform to launch it from.
For handguns, I generally like to go Light for Caliber. Picking the lighter load options rather than the more popular heavy options. Reason being, I like velocity in my handguns, which often provides more hydrodynamic reaction that gives more consistent bullet expansion. Take the lightest options, try them, and only go heavier if accuracy is suffering in the light loads. I’ve found that quite often the light to medium shoot the more accurate than the heavier loads, but every gun is different and yours might be different, so you have to try it all out for yourself.
Now, for Rifles… I like the Medium to Heavy bullets for caliber because the heavier ones tend to offer then higher ballistic coefficient numbers that I want for longer range shots.
This is just the way I roll… it’s what works for me… Your mileage may differ.