Zombie Survival

With the CDC warning of Zombies, and the Zombie Survival Discussion Panel that’s going to happen Friday Night at ConDuit with Larry Correia, Mike Kupari, and my brother Zack… I thought I’d preemptively put out my opinion on the subject.  Luckily, I found that my good friend Terry has made my argument for me in language so clear and concise as to command acquiescence and affirmation.

3 thoughts on “Zombie Survival”

  1. Cute, but inaccurate. When facing a horde, knowing that there will be swarms and only head shots count, .223 with the largest reliable magazines. Red dot on target, fire and move. Time your mag changes, change in lulls, not when empty.

    A shotgun is 8 rounds, maybe 10, and slow to load. The horde only needs to get one bite or scratch in while you’re thumbing rounds into the tube. Ever shoot a three gun match? The time spent loading on a long shotgun stage is all you need to know.

    1. No. I’ve never really fired a gun. But I’ve talked to lots of people on the internet who have. I’ll just go back to playing COD4.

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