Someone looks silly…

The Bible says that no one knows when it’s going to happen.  This Rapture Preacher is just bugnuts to have the audacity to say that he knows.  Well, the day came and went and nothing happened.  If God was talking to him, and telling him when it was going to happen, I kinda think it would have happened.

Now he’s saying “Oh, it’s in October“.  Yeah, that’s not how God works.  We’re talking about the God that hit the Egyptians with plagues, knocked off the first borns, parted the Red Sea… brought down pillars of fire and handed Moses the Commandments.   That’s how God works.  He tells his Prophet he’s going to do something, it happens.  This Peacher is no Moses.  You know what the Bible was right about?  That there would be many False Prophets.

6 thoughts on “Someone looks silly…”

  1. Unfortunately this guy is “Christian” and in todays world anything done by a “Christian”, especially something retarded, is shaped into “all Christians are wacky”. Perhaps another sign of the times.

  2. I suppose he thought that he could take his 77 million fortune with him. George, you’re referring to the “Old Testament” God…appearantly the now “New Testament” Gol loves us and is done raining down death, destruction, plauges and no longer requiring sacrifices to be made happy. We are truely in good, happy times now.

  3. What I find to be sad… the people who believed him and unloaded on their savings, tried to kill their children… themselves… etc.
    I find it sad that they believed him…
    And feel bad for the ones that their actions effected.


  4. From the Article:
    “also prophesied the Apocalypse would come in 1994, but said later that didn’t happen then because of a mathematical error.”

    I’ll bet it was a mathematical error. Either he didn’t think he’d be around long enough to be proven wrong again, or the money he swindled from people the first time didn’t last as long as he thought it would.

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