Limited Internet Access

Sorry for the light postings… I have no internet access at home.  Or phone line.  Yet.  Working on it.

In the grand scheme of things, phone and internet is a luxury and I’ve had higher priorities.  Such as food, water, electricity and setting up a new home.  Which is a process and not a destination I have found.

My wife made all this look so easy.

For those that don’t know, she’s still in Utah, with 4 of my boys and I’m here on the East Coast with 2 of them.  This does not make me a happy Ogre.  I miss my wife.  So I’m grumpy for lack of sleep and pissed off for a lack of sex.


7 thoughts on “Limited Internet Access”

  1. For trips and what-not, my wife is a blur of goal-minded activity.
    Me? Shove it in the duffel bag, stage the gear, load up and go.
    I can’t imagine being separated from my better half by half a country. Grumpy wouldn’t be the tip of the iceberg of unhappiness.
    As far as the other goes, just keep thinking how great it’ll be when she gets there. If I lived out there, you’d have a place for the kids to hang out for a day or two whilst you got “reacquainted” with the wife.
    Good luck, Ogre.

  2. I didn’t know your wife was behind with most of your brood. Hang in there and keep stretching your dollars. I know how much that sucks personally.

  3. I understand how by a feel. My heart goes out to you guys. At least jim and I have experience in being apart.

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