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You can 3D Print a Heavy Caliber Gun.

In San Francisco, an AR-15 is a “Heavy Caliber Gun”.

capture17First off… What is a Heavy Caliber Gun?  A .45-70?  .50 BMG?  40mm Bofors?   If I hear “heavy caliber” I’m thinking of Artillery or something Anti-Tank.  So I was thinking “3D Print some Artillery?  I’m in!”  And then I clicked the link.
I am sorely disappointed.  5.56mm and .223 are a .22 Caliber… that is not by any means a “heavy caliber”.  Maybe if your targets are Chipmunks.  Maybe.
I should have known though… The source is CBS out of San Fran… Every Caliber is a Heavy Caliber.
No one tell them that you can get an AR type rifle in .308.  They would shit themselves until they died.
Quick – someone tell them that you can get an AR type rifle in .308!


3D Printing

My sons and I were discussing current events today and the subject of Printable Guns came up.  Along with other topics such as how most new tech is driven by the porn industry….
So, were talking about the 3D printers will one day combine printing circuits which will allow you to print a drone, and the controller for it.  And print your own robot…. And once the porn industry gets a hold of it, you can take creeper pics of some hot chick you saw, then go home and print her as a Lovebot to molest… Or download a celebrity. 
Back to the gun issue.  ITAR shutting down the plan for a 3D printable gun is the government building sandcastles in front of the coming tide.  It’s futile.  The cat is out of the bag.  And since schematics and detailed plans are already out there for most any type gun… The only issue is one of material science.  And instead of printing a gun, print molds to make guns out of better materials.
Colt started out with a wood carved revolver… Now look at it all.  I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.

3D Printing and guns.

You cats with the 3D Printers are making it wrong.  Guns made this way, using conventional designs, are resulting in fragile, failure prone temporary guns.
Rather do that, do a more robust design, or better yet, print Molds and Cast stronger parts.
Designs like the Sten or Ingram would be simple to do.
Just saying.