Life in Jax

It’s interesting living outside of a Marine base.  One can occasionally hear the rapid fire reports of small arms, and the overhead flights of V-22 Osprey and heavy Chinook helicopters.
At any eating establishment one can overhear the conversations of Grunts… The topic of shooting is common.  I feel at home here.  Even if I’m addressed as Sir by these young Grunts… America’s warriors.  So young, they still have spots.  Can’t yet grow facial hair… Yet they are our front lines.  The tip of the spear that is our national will. 
Observing them, I am impressed.  Well behaved, clean cut, razor sharp physically and mentally.
I’m proud of them all.  They are our Nation’s Sons… Our best and brightest… So much potential if they were in any other industry… Yet they are willing to lay down their lives at the command of a Government that spends them so cheaply.  This saddens me, and fills me with pride at the same time… Because they are our warriors. 

The humidity in Jax is comfortable to me. Weather is warm now, soon to be hot.  But I’m enjoying it.
My laptop died during the move. I’ve no internet at home.  So vids, posts, and writing is going to be infrequent at best for awhile.  I’ll need to get a new phone too.  I’ll need a local number.  T-Moble sucks here as much as it did in Vernal.  Didn’t think that was possible… So I will be looking at Verizon. 
Overall, everything is as expected and I’m happy to be here.  Things will be better once I get some furniture, utilities, and such… But we are doing fine.

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  1. Welcome to NC. I’m up in Charlotte, myself. Feel free to email me if you need suggestions for places to visit/dining suggestions. One great place nearby is Fort Macon State Park, right near Atlantic Beach. Well worth a visit. Good combined with a visit to the NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores, and a stop at White Swan BBQ for the barbecue or fried chicken.

    Regarding guns, NC requires you to acquire permits to purchase from the local Sheriff’s office, unless you acquire an NC CHL, at which point the permit requirement is waived.

  2. Great to hear that you are getting settled in.
    I figure the younger Hills are watching this adventure unfold with interest.
    Sometimes I feel like the military are the only ones instilling courtesy, respect, and honor in our young men and women.
    I know that our isn’t the case, but it seems like it when comparing them to most of their civilian age group.
    have Verizon, no complaints other than they did away with their unlimited data.
    I generally get better service than others with different providers.
    I carry an AT&T phone for work and would NEVER consider them for my personal phone.
    Enjoy the sounds and interactions with the Marines.


  3. Glad to hear things are settling in well.

    Have to echo Jim, around her Verizon is the way to go. I have Sprint now. Love the CS, but my coverage sucks. AT&T is only marginally better coverage than Verizon.

    So when the contract is up I’ll be heading back to Verizon. Great CS and a plan I like doesn’t do me a whole lot of good with crappy coverage.

  4. George of the Hill, welcome to NC, eastern that is. Know you from the gundudes podcast. If you are ever headed to Kinston, send an email, we can find some bbq to get you started. You will miss the low humidity, soon and very soon.

  5. George, glad to hear you survived the cross country trip and are doing well. As you will soon notice, Spring is only a few weeks in eastern NC and literally overnight the weather will be boiling hot with crazy humidity that can last until late October. I don’t know how much grass you had at Ogre Ranch, UT, but you will need to cut what you have at least once a week (weeds are also considered “grass” in NC…) and accept the fact that fire ants will be permanent residents in your yard.

    Once you have been in Jacksonville long enough you will see the other side living in a military town. Also all of the noises associated with a base will get old after a while from the artillery range to the rotary winged aircraft. If you were near Cherry Point you would have to deal with the Harrier jets, and those birds are L-O-U-D. I swear that no matter where we live around Cumberland County that we are under some flight path of some type of aircraft that does night missions. I’m sure you’ll love being Jax regardless as the good outweighs the somewhat bad and I bet your boys would love to get on Lejune and see what the Marines do on a daily basis and I would be more than happy to be their tour guide (and Ft. Bragg as well if they want to see one of the largest Army bases in the world).

    We’ve had Verizon for about 7 years now with no complaints. Also if you aren’t already you might want to look into a Sam’s Club membership…you’ll need it to feed that small army of boys that you have.

  6. yeah, nice to be in a military town, see the next generation serviing out and about in town, looking squared away and being polite.

    Still, having done a shore patrol or three back in the day and hearing the editted current liberty “after action reports” from the Son&Heir (a Cpl on active duty with Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children) let’s not rush to canonize them all just yet… /heh/ just sayin’ 😉

  7. Hey George look at page plus for your phone its prepaid that uses Verizon phones and their network. I’m running my line on there and everyone else on Verizon but so far I’m pretty impressed for the price and flexibility.

  8. Damn George, that first paragraph really made me feel at home, and I know squat about NC.

    Good on ya mate. One of these days our paths may cross and I’ll buy you a beer and a burger. You still got a motorcycle? Bet there is some sweet riding in the mountains up yonder.

    Stay safe, you prolly have more injuries and holes in you than I do. I gotta respect that 😉

    Thanx for the fine words. Make it so, #1.

  9. Titty bars, jack shacks, pawn shops, check cashing, tattoo bars, and barbers are all I remember about Jville. You could buy groceries on the payment plan and every store had lay away. The cops enjoyed a good fight and so did many of the enlisted. My advice? Don’t go drinking in town. Ever.

    That being said, the War history of the area is very interesting. Some old forts and harbor breast works are up near Cherry Point. Out the back gate is willmington. Very nice place for family or a date. Keep your eyes out for the occasional public dog and pony shows by the Corps. Always fun to watch.

    Good luck

  10. You and I were both Army, ‘hooks are Army, Sea Knights are Navy/USMC.
    I know, I know some of my best customers are Navy Pilots and Aircrew and they are picky about it.
    The Sea Knights are almost all replaced with V-22s and UH-60 variants.
    Who notes the difference is about 13 Tons in gross maximum weight, or a ‘Hook is twice the size!

  11. The venerable ‘Phrog (CH-46 Sea Knight) is nearly completely gone from the inventory. Only the Pedro’s remain and only at certain stations. New River is not one of those. Cherry Point’s Pedro can be seen occasionally around the J’ville area. It’s a -46D with an Orange nose. SAR mission only. Since I’ve been in TX for the last year it could be gone by now as well. The MC never would bite on the -60. McCorkle was bound and determined to go straight to the V22. To the demise of more than a few IMO.
    Try “Swanky’s” in J’ville for some cool historical stuff. The White Oak Bistro and Church St Irish Pub and Bistro in Swansboro are very good for local establishments. Hope to run across the mighty Ogre next time I’m back.

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