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I really like this.

946737_10201372112158183_1663813155_nI really like this.  This is a G-Code OSH holster, which is enough right there to be like “I’m down with that.”  But what makes this one interesting is that it’s Gray Kydex that’s been stained/dyed black on the surface to leave a Pattern.  Pretty much any logo or design you want within 1 color limits.
The stain is soaked into the kydex so it’s very tough any only deep scratches will dig down to the gray substrate.  Which means you can rock this rig for years and that design will still be there.

We are looking at how possible it would be do offer this as a production option, with the logistics and costs. I think this is cool as hell, but logistically a nightmare to set up.  There are also technical issues to overcome within the web store for allowing a limited number of any one item to be sold.  I’ve got it all figured out, but need to come up with a way to test it to make sure it works right without screwing everything up.

HSP / G-Code D3 Carrier

Something wicked this way comes.



Buy it from the most innovative and most copied holster company, G-Code.  What is it?It’s a Leg Rig. Chest Rig, Thigh Rig, Molle Rig… Whatever you need it to be it that day.  And change it the next.  No one has anything like this on the market.  But watch how they are all going to scramble to ape it.

G-Code’s Blood Stripe Series

G-Code has rolled out a very limited run of what is called the “Blood Stripe” series.  This series supports the MARSOC Foundation. A portion of every holster sold will be donated to the foundation in support of their efforts to support those who have sacrificed so much for the rest of us.


These holsters look fantastic in the pictures, and in person they even better.  We are only going to offer these for a short time.  A very short time.  So if you are thinking about getting one, just jump.  Because when it’s shut down, it’s done.  All orders are processed online.  As are the guns they are available for and pricing.  Check G-Code’s site.  If you have any questions, contact support@tacticalholsters.com.