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Remington Buys TAPCO

Just read that Remington has acquired TAPCO.  That’s interesting.  Because as much as Remington has turned MARLIN into a major SNAFU, they have been doing very well the Tactical stuff.  Bushmaster and DPMS – for all their flaws – has been made better by Big Green.  AAC, the guys that make some serious use Suppressors has had some more attention as well.   Remington is putting a huge amount of effort into the Tactical Category.  I find this very interesting.   And now TAPCO.  Well, if anything, Remington can’t screw up TAPCO, makers of cheap crap to hang off your AR.  Sure, some of it isn’t bad I guess, functional, and does what it is supposed to do.

I still find the MARLIN, H&R, New England Arms purchase to be most curious.  Remington wanted to get into the Lever Action business and has just about completely ruined Marlin because of it.  But then again, Marlin was on a downhill slope to begin with.  But I still find it funny that Remington is still having Marlin make their Savage Clones, and New England is still importing their Chinese made 870 knock-offs.  I don’t get this.  Did Remington really need to get into the Cheap Gun market?  Or did they need to get into the Lever Market?

I tell you what though, Remington needs to get back into the Hunting market.  That’s what built Big Green into Big Green.  The Tactical Market has far too many competitors and Remington is gambling big time on the possibility of future Military Contracts.  And while they are concentrating on Fighting Guns, the Hunting Gun market is slipping out of their grasp.

If I was going to buy a hunting rifle right now – whatever caliber – I’d be looking at Sako A7’s, Tikka, or Browning.  The T3’s have come a long way and are consistently impressive with their accuracy.  Browning rifles have never disappointed,  in fact, their X-Bolt rifles are a top choice.  I’ve not seen one that looked like it was the last rifle slapped together on a Friday evening.  I’ve not seen one that couldn’t shoot.  They are building them right.

Back to TAPCO.  Why would Remington need to buy TAPCO?  I would have thought Remington would have rather swallowed up MAGPUL, considering that they are already using a lot of MAGPUL stuff in their BushyPanthers.  The MOE line is almost as universal as “A2” Furniture.   Are they going to stop using MAGPUL now and go TAPCO Intrafuse?  That would be a mistake, but if they own the brand, they are going to want to pimp it as much as possible.  And I’ll be honest, I’d rather not have anything TAPCO on any of my AR’s.

So why TAPCO?

What does TAPCO do in the Tactical Market that no one else is really doing?  AR SWAG?  No… Shotgun shit?  Cheap ass stocks for your Mini-14 and SKS?  No.   You know what comes to my mind when I first think of TAPCO?

AK-47’s.  They are the Go To Guys for your AK parts.  Their stocks are industry standards, and if you want a Trigger then you have to get the TAPCO G3 trigger.  The only company really doing anything else for your Kalish is US PALM, but they are small potatoes compared to TAPCO’s market penetration into the AK sector.

Does this mean that REMINGTON might get into the AK business?  Well, yeah, they just did.  But are we going to see an R-47 rifle?   Hmmm…

Dear Remington.

Please make a few versions of the Model Seven in 6.5 Creedmore.   I see you can get them in .260, which is cool, but the 6.5 Creedmore (which does the same thing) is actually getting market traction where the .260 is pretty much a commercial flop.  IE – You clowns woudn’t even chamber your own R-25 Rifle in it!  Come on!  Well, the 6.5 is the commercial winner.
CDL and BDL versions would be great, and they need to be done.  But also a few more slightly different.
An SPS Varmint style stocked 16″ threaded Heavy Barrel for one.
A version of the Predator without camo, and with ATACS or Mulitcam.
A Synthetic Scout configuration with iron sights.

Offer these same variants in .308 as well.  Thank you.

I really like the little Model Sevens.  They just may be the sweetest bolt action rifles on the planet.  The problem that they have is that Remington really doesn’t know how to market them and most Gunners don’t even know what they are or consider them to be guns for Chicks and Kids.  This is unfortunate as the gun community is seriously overlooking what is potentially the best option for those looking a compact lightweight rifle.

I might be Geeking out a bit on the 6.5 Creedmore, but i’m thinking it just might be the best cartridge out there for serious use (Killing Things) in a Short Action.  And the Model Seven would be the ideal fit for it.

It’s Marketing, Remington. You need some.

The .260 Remington is a great round.  Don’t think so?  We’ll get to that later…

Check out the 6.5 Creedmore.  The Rifle Shooter’s Darling Cartridge.  It leaps tall buildings.  It is Sub-MOA to a Grand.  It’s made of accuracy.  It’s everyone’s favorite round.  Right?

Well, how come the 6.5 Creedmore is so popular when the .260 Remington isn’t?   Ballistic-wise, they are almost identical with the .260 actually having a slight performance edge.  Accuracy?  Sixes really. But 6.5 Creedmore is the one people are looking for.

The difference is Marketing.  Remington doesn’t know how to do it.  They had something good YEARS before the Creedmore came out and Remington let it flop.  Basically overall performance is like a .25 WSSM, before that round came and went.  It’s one people are always asking for too… yet there is the .260, sitting there, ignored.  Even by Remington!    It makes no sense.  They should be all over the .260.    But they just don’t get it.

Dear Colt and Remington

The State of New York is going to pass the Micro Stamping requirement. They do not believe you would actually move out over handguns stamping as they are a smaller portion of your business.
Well, here is the thing… your customers are not going to want stamped guns.  Its bullshit science, easily removed or worn off, its a useless requirement.   But is going to do this regardless. NY thinks you guys are blustering.
The stigma of rolling over and doing the stamps is going to hurt you worse than just pistol sales. I sell a lot of rifles, tons of Remingtons. I can easily see the customer base turn against you, even here where you are hugely popular.
Look at S&W and the Department of Urban Housing Agreement.  S&W almost didn’t survive that, and they are still suffering from it today.
You guys need to move to a state where you would be cherished, appreciated for who you are.
Come to Utah.
A state that has one the highest guns per capita than anywhere else. Not only come to Utah… but come out to Vernal, Utah.  We have the highest per capita in the State. 
Just saying…. why live where you are not wanted?  Live where you would be loved!
Besides… Utah was built by people leaving New York.  Its like a tradition.

Tactical Semi-Auto Shotguns.

I have a great fondness for the Gauge.  And when it comes to The Gauge, I am a firmly in the House of Remington and consider the 870 to be where it’s at.

I’ve considered and examined and have fired all the Semi Autos out there.  The M4 is certainly the Mercedes Benz of the class.  However at it’s price… a Thousand Dollars more than most everything else, is it worth it?  Man, I don’t know.  It’s cool… but I am not sure its a Grand More of Cool.

You know what gun I keep coming back to?  The 1187.  Reason?  I like the position of the Bolt Release.  To unleash that bolt on a Tactical Reload, it’s center bottom, easy to get to and faster than a tiny little button that everyone has positioned in the worst possible place.  A small button with no geographic reference point on the gun… just alone in the field of the receiver some place where your hand can get struck by the charging handle if you don’t get it out of the way.  Every semi auto in current production that feeds from a Tube does this and they are all wrong… all save for the Remington 1187.

I believe this to be a key advantage.  Because regardless of how many shells your tube gets stuffed with, its going to go dry and you are going to have to do a fast tactical reload.  I think this is a winning position.    Not only that, but the 1187 can run the same iron sights that you can on the 870, making it scary accurate with slugs.

This is why my pick on the Semi-Auto Shotgun for fighting… the 1187.  For impressing other guys, the M4 remains just fine.

You need a good AR.

Crusader Weaponry can build you the best AR you’ll ever own – for not much more than the cost of a production AR with the features you want.

Go to CrusaderWeaponry.com.  Hit the Contact Page.  Send Joe a message and tell him you want the best damn rifle ever made… Pick your Caliber.  Pick your Configuration – you tell us how you want your AR.  Pick your Finish.  And Joe will give you the quote.  It’s easy.  To make it easier, we have an Installment Plan.  Tell Joe you want to set up your Crusader Account.  You pay what you can when you can… We’ll help you get the gun you want.  Even if it takes you a year to pay for it – We’ll work with you.

We also do custom Glocks and Shotguns.  This OD Green 870 is Available.  749.99 gets it shipped to your Dealer or if you are in Utah, you can pick it up.   This is one seriously badass Shotgun.  A local fellow got one of these guns, in Coyote Tan.  He brought it out to the Range.  Firing it – holy crap – it’s so smooth and can cycle so fast it was like I was running a Semi.  Amazing.

Time to get Serious.  Time to get a Crusader.

If you already have an AR that isn’t a Crusader.  You can still get SLIPSTREAM.  You will be amazed at the difference.   At the last Crusader Tactical Carbine course, some guns were running Slipstream and some were not.  The Slipstreamed guns had no problems.  The others… Hell, even an AK jammed out here in our dusty dirty gritty hot as hell training location.  Slipstream made all the difference.

Crusader Weaponry’s Tactical 870 Shotgun

Crusader Weaponry has been in the Shotgun business for awhile now.  This is what we are doing for our customers who demand the absolute best.  We worked on this configuration with leading members of the US military elite.  This gun is now being offered to the American Gun Owner. I am very pleased with these guns, and they are one of my favorite weapons that Crusader offers.  They are not just affordable, but also shockingly effective.  If you can only buy one gun, buy one of these 870’s.  The Shotgun offers a flexible weapon system that is simple to use, rugged, and reliable… and you can engage targets as small as Humming Birds, and as large as a Brontosaurus at ranges out to 200 Yards.

Features include a tuned action with our Slipstream treatment.  Rifle sights for greater precision with slugs over the popular ghost ring option.  Improved spring and follower.  Tac Star Side Saddle for flexibility.

Crusader Wrath 870
Permanent Slipstream Lubrication Treatment

This gun is of course already spoken for.  He’s going to be well pleased with it!  We are offering these shotgun for only 795 USD. If you want one of your own, or have any questions about it, contact Joe at Crusader Weaponry.

Glocks and AK’s.

Have to say, the guns I go to the most are Glocks, AK’s, and 870’s.
The 23 in .40, remains my most favored handgun for CCW.  The  model 20, in 10mm is coming in second.  The more I use the Glocks… the more I like them.  Not just an appreciation for the function… but liking them for the way they feel and point, the triggers…  The elegant simplicity of them… I just really like Glocks now.  I don’t know… maybe it’s the crash… but I really dig them and the more I’m around them, the 19 and 23’s stand out as the perfect handguns to me – even more so than the 1911 now.  Yup.  They crossed that line for me.  I like them more than 1911’s.  No they are not the prettiest, but they are still beautiful.  Kinda like the Girl Next Door that you grew up best friends with and there is that moment when you realize “You want that.”   That’s Glock.
My Crusader Kalashnikov is more and more my go to rifle.  I just really feel an attachment to it.  It suits me to a T.  It can hit.  It’s reliable.  Mag changes are getting much faster and everything is “Clicking”.  And I get more satisfaction out of running the Kalash well than running an AR well.
For the 870’s, my adopted Police Tactical is my favorite.  I have my other 870’s and they are cool and all… but something about that old wood furniture.  Nothing says I am going to “Jack You Up” like an old wood stocked gun… You just know you are going to get an old school beating.  The warmth it has when you handle it.  Wood is an under appreciated material to a whole generation of shooters and I find that a sad state.  Poly is fine – but Wood is finer.  Especially nice grained wood with character.  Again, Wood stocked guns have “Soul” that Poly guns just don’t have and never will.  They can’t.  I’ve said that before… And when I pick up that old Police Tactical… You can feel it has a History of Kicking Ass and all that experience is backing you up giving you some extra confidence.  A new 870 Tactical with a plastic stock – it’s like a new Police Rookie with his first pair of Mirrored Cop Shades.  The authority is there… maybe even the skill is there… But not the Character and Experience – that Soul just isn’t there.

These are my Guns of Choice.  What are yours?

Remington made it interesting.

Remington has brought out their Versa Max in a Tactical version.  It has their breaching choke, extended feed tube, a small section of rail up front to mount a light, and a rail over the top of receiver for an optic, oversized bolt release… all fine and good.

But Remington has once again proven that they just don’t really get what tactical really is.  They have some guys working on the 870 that know Tactical, and that’s about where they stay.  Because they just got it wrong.

They took the Versa Max, which is a gun that can shoot all 3 sizes of Shot Shells, and neutered it so it can’t shoot the 3 1/2″ shells. This was the whole point of the Versa Max, and they ruined it.   Then they are keeping it as long as Punt Gun.  The 8+1 capacity is nice, but good grief this is a long gun… In WWII Germans shot down Spitfires with these things.  “Ja das ist das 88mm Waffe für den Abschuss Flugzeuge.”

So it’s not a real tactical gun for anything… but what makes it interesting is that this is almost ideally made for something.  3 Gun.  This has all the features suited for the growing sport, and it’s going to have a very reasonable price… So for you guys looking into getting into 3 Gun and you want a Semi Auto, I think Remington has the gun for you.

For me and what I’d want, I’d want the barrel cut down to 18″, ghost ring sights, and a pistol grip with an adjustable stock that isn’t an AR stock.  Maybe next month, Remington?  Oh, and maybe, if it would help – let it keep the 3 1/2″ shells just for fun.