You need a good AR.

Crusader Weaponry can build you the best AR you’ll ever own – for not much more than the cost of a production AR with the features you want.

Go to  Hit the Contact Page.  Send Joe a message and tell him you want the best damn rifle ever made… Pick your Caliber.  Pick your Configuration – you tell us how you want your AR.  Pick your Finish.  And Joe will give you the quote.  It’s easy.  To make it easier, we have an Installment Plan.  Tell Joe you want to set up your Crusader Account.  You pay what you can when you can… We’ll help you get the gun you want.  Even if it takes you a year to pay for it – We’ll work with you.

We also do custom Glocks and Shotguns.  This OD Green 870 is Available.  749.99 gets it shipped to your Dealer or if you are in Utah, you can pick it up.   This is one seriously badass Shotgun.  A local fellow got one of these guns, in Coyote Tan.  He brought it out to the Range.  Firing it – holy crap – it’s so smooth and can cycle so fast it was like I was running a Semi.  Amazing.

Time to get Serious.  Time to get a Crusader.

If you already have an AR that isn’t a Crusader.  You can still get SLIPSTREAM.  You will be amazed at the difference.   At the last Crusader Tactical Carbine course, some guns were running Slipstream and some were not.  The Slipstreamed guns had no problems.  The others… Hell, even an AK jammed out here in our dusty dirty gritty hot as hell training location.  Slipstream made all the difference.

14 thoughts on “You need a good AR.”

  1. I have a Templar on order and I cannot wait to get my hands on it. Thank you Georg for telling me about Crusader Weaponry and giving great input on AAR keep up the good work. If my Templar is as good as I think it will be I might have to have Joe slipstream my KSG if my gun shop can ever find one for me.

    1. When you get your Templar – You will scoff all other AR’s.
      And if you send Crusader a KSG – I’m going to have to shoot it!

  2. 1. I love Slipstream. I use it on all of my firearms and my reloading presses.
    2. I plan on getting a Broadsword. Though, it will have to be after I pay off all of my bills. BTW, how does the Broadsword handle 110 grain bullets? I’m trying to get my wife, who is very recoil adverse, interested in shooting 30 caliber rounds.

  3. I love those handguards…are they Apex?? Slipstream is the best out there, and I’m one of the most jaded person when it comes to “outragous” claims but Slipstream backs up 100% of the hype. I told Joe that you should try to push the dry lube to places like wafer clean rooms or other high tech appications in sterile environments…talk about HUGE money contracts. If it’s lab tested then email me the findings and I will pass them on to some contacts.

  4. Hey, quick question, can you guys do cartridges other than .223 in an AR-15? Specifically a 6.5 Grendel or .264 LBC-AR? I’m a ways out yet money wise but I’d like a longer range AR someday soon.

      1. I think they are basically the same, the LBC being made by Les Baur because they didnt like the fact that Alexander Arms (maker of the Grendel) was keeping their cartridge proprietary. I think LB changed the neck diameter .001″ or something and called it new.

        Now that AA has released the Grendel and its no longer proprietary, it’s mainly an academic difference. If you can do the Grendel, that’s fine by me, and I’ll be contacting Joe as soon as I can get the money squared away. Thanks for the info.

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