Dear Colt and Remington

The State of New York is going to pass the Micro Stamping requirement. They do not believe you would actually move out over handguns stamping as they are a smaller portion of your business.
Well, here is the thing… your customers are not going to want stamped guns.  Its bullshit science, easily removed or worn off, its a useless requirement.   But is going to do this regardless. NY thinks you guys are blustering.
The stigma of rolling over and doing the stamps is going to hurt you worse than just pistol sales. I sell a lot of rifles, tons of Remingtons. I can easily see the customer base turn against you, even here where you are hugely popular.
Look at S&W and the Department of Urban Housing Agreement.  S&W almost didn’t survive that, and they are still suffering from it today.
You guys need to move to a state where you would be cherished, appreciated for who you are.
Come to Utah.
A state that has one the highest guns per capita than anywhere else. Not only come to Utah… but come out to Vernal, Utah.  We have the highest per capita in the State. 
Just saying…. why live where you are not wanted?  Live where you would be loved!
Besides… Utah was built by people leaving New York.  Its like a tradition.

11 thoughts on “Dear Colt and Remington”

  1. Don’t hold yer breath, George. It seems all the old-time gun makers are too wrapped up in the “tradition” of being in the Connneticut valley region, you’d think the river still supplied the power to run their machinery. Even Ruger, despite moving alot of operation capasity to Arizona. (Winchester does’nt count, since they became FN USA when they went to Georgia)

    1. New Hampshire is in the Connecticut River Valley region. Or, more precisely, the Connecticut River starts here, so it would be hard for them to get more connected to the Connecticut River than moving to NH.

      And we have, bar-none, the best (ie, least) gun laws in the entire US.

      1. NH requires a carry permit, VT does not. What lawss does VT have that NH doesn’t? I was always under the impression VT and AK were the states with the least gun laws.

        1. NH requires a license, and that license is still on the books only because it’s so trivially-easy to obtain. $10, one-page form, no fingerprints, no photographs, no training requirement, no minimum age (with parental permission under 18). 14 calendar days maximum to approve or deny, with very strict rules on what constitutes cause to deny, and personal liability on the part of the denying officer (not the department) for false denials. License information is kept by the issuing authority, not in a centralized database (AK has a centralized database, for example). If it was harder to get, we might be able to raise enough support to remove it, but most folks don’t care because it’s such a minor intrusion. The license does not apply to carrying an unloaded pistol, even if concealed, and it does not apply to open carry.

          NH prohibits carry in courtrooms. That’s the totality of the list. Vermont prohibits carry in government buildings, so (for one example) you cannot go in and vote while also exercising your fundamental rights. Vermont prohibits ownership of machineguns unless in compliance with Federal law – NH doesn’t care one way or the other (the Feds, obviously, will care if you don’t comply with their silly laws, but you won’t also be committing a state-level crime).

          NH prohibits the government from running any “buy-back” or “get guns off the streets” programs. Even firearms used in crimes cannot be destroyed; they may be kept for actual use by the government, or must be sold at public auction.

          NH has substantially better self-defense laws than almost any other state (maybe actually all other states, but I cannot guarantee that – certainly better than any other state’s laws that I’ve actually read). We had Castle Doctrine since before the term was coined, and recently enhanced it, as well as codified additional protections for those who defend themselves or others.

  2. You need to post their contact information so we can let them (Remington and Colt) know what the future holds if they fold … or take a stand (and move).

    FYI, I will not be waiting on you. The second I’m done typing here, I’ll be looking up that information myself.

  3. Remington is kind of married to upstate New York, but Colt has options (being from Connecticut and all). They recently opened up a new manufacturing facility in Florida. They could simply refuse to sell their products in New York (not like NYC is buying anything), and let the upstate residents lean on their politicians to repeal…

  4. Would LOVE to see either or both of these companies move to South Carolina! We would love to have them here!

  5. Problem is that the NLRB will likely file suit like they did against Boeing for moving for unfair labor practices or some stupid BS. I am currently a resident of upstate NY. Please keep in mind that there are more people in NYC than in upstate, so the voting always is overwhelmed by the downstaters. The remainder of us in upstate are good god fearing people, and generally live in Red counties. The upstate counties have no issues with getting a CCP or other firearm (except Oneida County for some stupid reason).
    Microstamping won’t actually happen though. Just recently, they did away with the COBIS system as it was a giant waste of money. They talk a lot about doing these things, but they never happen. With the election cycle coming up, this just won’t happen.

    That isn’t to say that the companies shouldn’t move however. I would relocate to a NH or somewhere just to get away from the taxes. Once all the remaining manufacturing base leaves NY, I can then leave it too, but right now my company is benefiting greatly from the brain drain in the state. The few of us that are left that are worth a damn are in high value.

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