My very favorite gun.

Looking through all my guns… I just gotta say that my very favorite gun is the Remington 870 that was traded in from the local Police Department.  There is nothing special about it.  It’s just an old 870.

I keep coming back to it.

It’s got rifle sights.  Extended feed tube.  Side Saddle.  That’s it.  And it’s perfect.

5 thoughts on “My very favorite gun.”

  1. My favorite rifle would be an old 03 Springfield that was rebarreled during WW2. Second rifle I bought about 35 years ago

  2. So glad I got one of those trade-in 870s when you offered them. I love it for the same reasons. As George said in a much earlier post, “an old school 12ga. means an old school ass-whuppin.” Or, something along those lines. I’ll never part with mine.

  3. My favorite gun is a .22 my great grandpa bought out of a Montgomery Wards catalog.
    Inside of the barrel is almost smooth from use and isn’t very accurate but i like it.

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