Order your Sterling Optics Mounts

A set of mounts is $99.99.
Sounds expensive? Our man Jesse is making them pretty much by hand, so that takes some time. Jesse stepped up to develop these and he did it the old fashioned way, so he has earned some due, know what I mean? Then the mounts are shipped to Crusader HQ for Finishing. Default is Black or they can be Duracoated in the color of your Crusader Sterling. OD Green, Battleship Grey, Coyote Tan, Fertile Earth, Bacon Strip Brown, or Tactical Pink.  What ever you want, we don’t care, and we wont judge you.  We don’t color match anything though so don’t send us any swatches.  If I say that’s the color – that’s the frakking color.  Fusia?  That’s Ninja Grey to us.  We only have a few colors in our crayola box so slow your roll.  Who said Plaid?  Go to the corner.
If you order a Sterling, you can order the Mounts with it and it will be coated and affixed for you. Because Because we’re nice guys like that.  Because the install is kind of a PITA.
Contact Joe at Crusader HQ by going to CrusaderWeaponry.com and using the Web Form.

A scene from Uprising UK

In this scene “Uncle Musket” is sitting on top of an LAV outside of the Castle Inverness.

Uncle Musket stayed with the vehicles, sitting on top of one with his musket in one hand and a suppressed 1911 in the other because of my insistence. Until he could fit a gun muffler to the old muzzle loader, it was an operational necessity. Begrudgingly, he accepted that. He flicked the safety on and off. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. “Huh?” Musket stopped and listened, tilting his head. There was something out there in the fog. He could hear shuffling off in the distance, but he couldn’t tell where it came from. He stared into the swirling mist, looking through the light and dark and not seeing anything. But he could feel it. He left the pistol off safe.

Things get out of hand quickly.

Don’t feel sorry for Seal Team Six

They were Warriors.  They lived as Warriors.  They fought as Warriors.  And they died as Warriors.  This is the highest honor any Warrior can hope to achieve.    The have seats at the table in Valhalla.  I am only sorry for the loss their loved ones have to cope with… and I am sorry for the loss of such valiant assets for our Armed Forces.  My prayers are with the Surviving Members of Seal Team Six, and for the families left behind.

Now these Seals have the opportunity to go down from the Pearly Gates and pay a visit in hell to Osama Bin Laden and kick his ass some more.

On Gunfighter Cast again.

Had a great interview/talk/conversation with our friend Daniel Shaw on the Gunfighter Cast.

We of course talked about the book “Uprising“.  During the conversation I didn’t realize how much time it was till I hung up the phone… 87 minutes.  Good grief.  The Podcast is of course edited down for time and content… but it just shows that it was a good time.  A good time makes for good listening.

Remington’s Versa Max

I am a huge Remington 870 fan/fanatic.  I will not apologize for that.  Most of my shotguns are 870 Tacticals in some form or another.  It’s a weapon that goes from concept to finished product execution, very well.  No, it’s not perfect.  But it’s very good.  Almost excellent in fact.

Yet take that same gun and simply make it Semi-Auto… as in the 1100… and the gun somehow loses something.  The 1187 is a bit better… but still.  It’s just not right.  When we have other Automatics out on the market, the Self-Loading Remingtons just fall short.  I don’t know anyone who actually has a Benelli Super Black Eagle II and says “Naw, I like my 1100 better.”  That guy is just not there… or he is being dishonest with himself.

Now let’s look at Remington’s latest and greatest… the Versa Max.  It’s a good shotgun.  It’s gas system is fairly clever.  At if it had come out 10 years ago, it would have been crowned Best in Class.   Unfortunately Benelli came out with their Vinci and Super Vinci, and Browning has their Maxus.  Compared to the Maxus, the Versa Max is like a 73 year old Jane Fonda.  Appealing to a few, but well past it’s prime for someone who just isn’t that popular or worthy of praise.  Okay, that’s harsh.  But true.  The Versa Max feels too heavy.  It also feels slow.  And the stock?  I tell you what, I’d rather have an 1187 than a Versa Max just because of the stock.  It looks and feels cheap.  Yet the Versa Max isn’t a cheap gun.  It’s priced in league with the Maxus, which cycles fast, handles fast, and feels good in the hand.  You would have to be a complete nutter, or an ex-pro-footballer with a sponsorship to handle a Browning Maxus and say “No, I’d rather have that brand new 10 year old Remington gun.”  Seriously, unless you are Remington Freak… and every gun company has their bevets… just buy the 1100 and you’ll not miss a thing and pay only half the price for an overweight semi-auto 12 gauge.