8 thoughts on “Uprising USA Update: Nook, and other Formats”

  1. It’s all my fault! I check out UUSA on Amazon and the wife read the review by one of your cousins and actually Kindled the book. Then she read it. In one sitting finishing at 0300.
    She’s back to sleep and it’s all my fault.

    Smashfests are not my style and I’m going into W7 hell, with 48 updates from XP scheduled in the next two weeks. But golly gee my wife read George’s First Book Published in ONE SITTING!

    Who is amazed!

  2. Your wife knows its your fault because you could have told her earlier in the day than you did thus she would have started reading sooner and been in bed before 3 AM. And its George’s fault because there aren’t any stopping points where things slow down enough to put the book down!

    And where in heck is the second book???

    Who figures her husband should know her better by now

    1. Second book is in the Re-Edit process where I am adding in some new stuff and fleshing out a tragic story arch. Second book is going to have an unhappy cliffhanger ending.

  3. According to Holly the publisher could do with some real editors. She wants to volunteer just to see the new books faster!
    Who will take a look in about two and a half weeks, once the W7 project is done.

  4. a tragic story arch???? an unhappy cliffhanger ending???

    for what am I being punished that I not only have to wait (attempting patience here) for book 2 but reading it will just make me crazy waiting for book 3!!!

    Who has decided Mad Ogre is cruel and heartless

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