Order your Sterling Optics Mounts

A set of mounts is $99.99.
Sounds expensive? Our man Jesse is making them pretty much by hand, so that takes some time. Jesse stepped up to develop these and he did it the old fashioned way, so he has earned some due, know what I mean? Then the mounts are shipped to Crusader HQ for Finishing. Default is Black or they can be Duracoated in the color of your Crusader Sterling. OD Green, Battleship Grey, Coyote Tan, Fertile Earth, Bacon Strip Brown, or Tactical Pink.  What ever you want, we don’t care, and we wont judge you.  We don’t color match anything though so don’t send us any swatches.  If I say that’s the color – that’s the frakking color.  Fusia?  That’s Ninja Grey to us.  We only have a few colors in our crayola box so slow your roll.  Who said Plaid?  Go to the corner.
If you order a Sterling, you can order the Mounts with it and it will be coated and affixed for you. Because Because we’re nice guys like that.  Because the install is kind of a PITA.
Contact Joe at Crusader HQ by going to CrusaderWeaponry.com and using the Web Form.

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