8 thoughts on “Crusader Weaponry’s Sterling 9mm”

  1. Have you done any chronograph reads with that 16 inch barrel and terminal ballistic tests; particularly on car body penetration?

    1. I’ve fired a lot of 9mm pistol shots through truck doors. Penetration isn’t a problem. Out of 16 inches, it should be better. But I’ve not chrono’d it yet. My last Chrono was loaned out and got executed and the jackass just gave me back parts.

    2. That’s a good point to inquire. That little bugger would make a wonderful trunk gun! I wonder how they stand up to +P ammo?

  2. Typical for surplus SMG mags, $20 – $30 US, depending on source.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to run SMG strength 9mm ( +p+ or whatever ) through it.

    Mine worked reliably well ( once the UPS gorilla’s handling damage was corrected ).

  3. Ogre check out the comments on the O’s executive gun grab for an update on ATF’s action…

  4. So, Ogre, when are you gonna SBR your’s and toss a SMG suppressor on there? Would 147gr stay subsonic out of a SBRed version of this?

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