On Gunfighter Cast again.

Had a great interview/talk/conversation with our friend Daniel Shaw on the Gunfighter Cast.

We of course talked about the book “Uprising“.  During the conversation I didn’t realize how much time it was till I hung up the phone… 87 minutes.  Good grief.  The Podcast is of course edited down for time and content… but it just shows that it was a good time.  A good time makes for good listening.

2 thoughts on “On Gunfighter Cast again.”

  1. Great podcast episode. Daniel should have provided a spoiler alert about Uprising, though. Glad I’m quite a ways into the book! Anyway, Uprising is the most fun I’ve had reading the Genre. I’m looking forward to your development of the Uprising Universe.

    PS – You and Daniel really should do that podcast you spoke of on the earlier Gunfightercast 2 – part: Guns in movies/TV etc. The two of you make a great team.

    Keep up the good work!

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