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Suggestion for Ruger

Your new .22 Pistol will sell very well.

But what would do better… would be to make it in .22 Magnum.  People keep asking for the KT PMR-30… and KT can’t deliver the volume.

Make your SR-22 pistol an SRM-22, in .22 Magnum with night sights and a real high capacity magazine… and you would have a ferocious Home Run Hit on your hands.

Ruger’s New Guns.

Ruger has announced a couple new guns.  Let’s take a look at them.

The new “All American Rifle”.  Link Here.  I don’t have anything good to say about this one.  Congratulations Ruger, you just made a Savage Axis.  Bravo.  But 10 bucks says the Savage has the better barrel.  Hopefully the stock is more rigid… more like TC Venture.  Hopefully it wont get a Recall like the TC Venture either.

The new SR-22 .22LR Pistol.  Link Here.   If it’s one thing Ruger has always done well, it’s making .22 Rimfires.  Rifles and Pistols.  Now, while this pistol looks a lot like a Walther P22 and Ruger has made an industry out of other people’s designs… (Just like the Soviets!) this SR-22 is a apparently, shockingly, a new design.  Given Ruger’s Rimfire history, I’d expect this pistol to be a good one.  Iffy trigger, but otherwise it should be solid, it will also probably have a reasonable retail price so it is one I’m looking forward to seeing.  Considering all the other Tactical .22 Pistols out there… The Walther P22, SIG’s Mosquito, and others… This will be a welcome new seat at the table.  Because right now, the Ruger Mk III pistols, Browning Buckmarks, Beretta NEOS pistols and the new ATI-GSG and SIG 1911 .22’s are the only Semi-Auto .22lr pistols worth buying.  That’s a thin selection.  I wish Ruger all the best with this one.

Oh come on, Ruger!

Got a shipment of Rugers in today.  Opened the box for a little SP-101.  I took it out of the bag and picked a target and took aim.  And then I noticed something.  The front sight was orange.

What?  Covered completely in nasty rust.  Come on Ruger!  What the hell?  I’ve seen more and more problems coming from Ruger.

Ruger’s 1911, the rumors are true.

To have another Gun Maker coming out with a 1911, isn’t surprising.  But for Ruger to jump into this crowded pool actually makes sense.  Much like S&W before they entered the game, Ruger has been making 1911 parts for a long time.

The “SR”1911… because Ruger can’t say 1911… actually looks pretty good. I like the fact that the slide is Forged, even if the frame is cast.  Ruger’s casting is the best in the industry. I’ll give them points for not putting on forward slide serrations.  I’ll even go so far as to give them props for not making the slide a huge freaking billboard.     The simple Double Diamond checkered grips also look good, with a simple Colt style medallion inset into the wood.  As much as I’ve been hating on Ruger… I have to give them a nod here.  Well done, Ruger.  Well done.

Now if you would just change your Distributor Only business model so dealers could actually make a buck stocking your guns – yeah… that would be great.  Because as it is now, I hope I don’t have to sell one, because I’d make more money selling anything else.  Ruger and Glock… there’s no money in selling the things.  So am just not excited about these things.

Scouts (updated)

I’ve spoken before about Scout Rifles in general and some specifically.  The biggest thing going right now is the Ruger Gunsite Scout.  Now, just because something is big now, doesn’t mean it’s all that great, just inexplicably popular.  Remember, last year a Snookie was pretty big… I don’t know what that is, but evidently it washed up on the shore in Jersey.  It should probably be thrown back in… But I digress.

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