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We got in the Ruger SR22 and the new TC Dimension.

First the Ruger.  Of the small .22LR tactical pistols… SIG Mosquito and Walther P22 are the most common of these… I think the Ruger is the best one made so far.  Very good machining and good polymer. It doesn’t feel cheap.  Fixed barrel, so it has great accuracy potential.  I like it, if I am honest.  But it does have a really crappy trigger… hopefully the trigger smooths out with use.  If it did, the gun would really shine.  Ruger needs to clean up the toggle-like triggers and make a version that has an extended threaded barrel with target sights.  So, yeah, I think it’s worth buying.  If you look at one in the store – ask the Clerk to put on the Large Grip.  Feels great in the hand with the bigger grip on it.  (and my hands are not huge… really kinda average. My glove size is just “Large”)

TC’s new Bolt Action Switch Barrel.  Clever idea… futuristic styling… interesting way they do the barrel swap with an included torque wrench system that makes the barrel swapping consistent… adjustable length of pull with the stock spacers… overall, someone did their homework coming up with this one.
But I hate it.  I don’t actually like anything about this gun and I would be money this gun is going to be a huge commercial flop and TC should stick with making Encores with new names.  I think this new gun looks like a SciFi Channel prop and feels like something made by NERF.  I hate that rifle.  Fortunately TC is making a solid rifle in the VENTURE series if you want a TC Bolt Action… great price for the performance value and you can’t go wrong with it.   For 450 bucks you can get a whole new rifle… verses 300 for just a new barrel.  Come on.  Metal Tube, or a whole new rifle in that new caliber you want.  I understand every penny counts, but really?  Unless you are a wildcatter and are coming up with new stuff to test – and you don’t want an Encore for some reason… Well, then maybe this new Dimension is for you.

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  1. I just took delivery of one. I put 150 rounds through mine first time out, split among Rem Golden Bullets, Fed Champion, and CCI Velocitors. One early bobble (FTF), then all good. It’s a very shootable pistol and quite accurate. I shoot it better than my Neos, I know that already. Suppposedly Ruger’s going to have a threaded barrel available as a replacement.

  2. Yes…a 22LR “Tactical Pistol”. As much as many would like to make an argument for the “tactical” uses of a .22LR, the reality is that you will not see any reputable armed force arming it’s finest (or any soldier) with a .22LR shooting pistol in any quantity. I’m aware that a .22 will kill one just as dead as a .45. Yet I am convinced that the only reason manufacturers came out will “tactical looking” .22 type firearms is to appeal to those who want such a “cool looking” piece without parting with a lot of bread. The cost of shooting is also much less than pistols that are used in actual tactical situations. My point: I can’t stand how we contrive titles that, ultimately, mean little and are misleading.

  3. A .22 pistol that duplicates the feel of a major caliber pistol to some degree is a good idea. So which pistols in the Ruger line up in 9mm and .40 are close to SR22 in ergonomics?

  4. What I don’t understand is the need to downsize all the “tactical” .22’s by 10% (Sig I’m looking at YOU). If it’s to be a trainer for your full-size line, why not make it the same exterior dimensions as the centerfires? Might make the draw-and-fire practices from your carry holsters a bit easier, no?

  5. Have you seen the M&P 22 pistol?

    I recently chose it over the Ruger SR22 after reading dozens of online reviews. I replaced the plastic rear sight with a standard metal sight.

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