Oh come on, Ruger!

Got a shipment of Rugers in today.  Opened the box for a little SP-101.  I took it out of the bag and picked a target and took aim.  And then I noticed something.  The front sight was orange.

What?  Covered completely in nasty rust.  Come on Ruger!  What the hell?  I’ve seen more and more problems coming from Ruger.

12 thoughts on “Oh come on, Ruger!”

  1. Yep, Ruger has been putting out a lot of crappy guns lately that should have never got through the quality control process.

      1. That’s what I was thinking…I would think the rust could be because of high humidity storage.

  2. I remember in the past a buddy’s complaint that he pulled a Ruger Semi Auto in .45acp out of the bag and it slimed him. He had to strip and degrease it to assure function.

  3. Ruger putting out an unsatisfactory product? I’m genuinely shocked. I could never have imagined such a thing! (was that sarcasm too thick?) Oh, did their little pocket pistols have those ugly little muzzlebrakes on them that they put on everything.

  4. Just bought one of their new “tactical” 10/22’s that wouldn’t feed…took the barrel off Nd found the chamber to be flat on one side…

  5. Now now, gennelmen! Ruger is not all that bad. I’ve owned most of what they have put out at different times over many years, and overall it has been really good. OGRE-san is right to criticize rusty “new” guns, but get real – Ruger puts out some great shiot.

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