5 thoughts on “Ruger’s LC9:”

  1. I like my PF-9 for $268. Very concealable in a custom kydex IWB holster. 9mm is not my first choice but I’ll take 7+1. Only thing I had to get used to was the sting.

  2. I received an email from a shooter buddy recently. He was on his way to pick up an LC9 – apparently, he was getting a really sweet deal. The next day, he said he passed. Apparently, no deal is good enough for him to get past that trigger.

  3. I picked one up a month ago, couldn’t find a Kimber Solo, have trust issues with Kahr and KelTec but couldn’t stand hiding the P7 on my skinny ass for another summer. So I settled and made the least enthusiastic purchase of my life. It’s become a love hate thing. It’s ugly as sin and has all the anti-litigation crap imaginable, but after a merciless range session the day of purchase with zero malfunctions, it has been in my pocket outside the house ever since. It prints like hell on me but not enough to draw attention from the oblivious people who populate this planet. I also actually had to remove some material from the back of the trigger guard to make room for the triggers full travel. Before that I had to strangle the thing to get it to fire. I don’t like it, I don’t like it at all, but I love it because it works. Impact Guns has magazines for $25. Just one mag from Ruger and that box add up to a disgrace second only to the trigger, but it goes bang and keeps it on the paper.

  4. I think the mag disconnect and thumb safety add to some complexity of the trigger preventing a better trigger pull. Though they most likely use them to allow sales in states such as CA and MA that have “approved” handgun lists. They should build 2 models(like the M&P), one for free states and one for the states run by idiots. Sadly as bad as NJ is, I can still get any pistol I like short of those few that fall under our useless “assault weapons” law(those unavailable include quite a few Olympic style .22s due to the magazine being outside the grip).

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