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Suggestion for Ruger

Your new .22 Pistol will sell very well.

But what would do better… would be to make it in .22 Magnum.  People keep asking for the KT PMR-30… and KT can’t deliver the volume.

Make your SR-22 pistol an SRM-22, in .22 Magnum with night sights and a real high capacity magazine… and you would have a ferocious Home Run Hit on your hands.

Winchester 94-22M Temptation

We have a Winchester 94-22m .22 Magnum that came in on trade.  It’s sporting a nice peep sight set up, nice checkered wood stocks… really nice looking.  From a distance.  Up close the gun is ugly.  Pitting everywhere and the wood has more dings than I’ve ever seen.  Some are unfortunately too deep to fix, and wood was amazing.  New, this rifle would have been stunning.

The temptation is to restore it.  No collector value, that’s just gone.  This would be a rescue.