Suggestion for Ruger

Your new .22 Pistol will sell very well.

But what would do better… would be to make it in .22 Magnum. ┬áPeople keep asking for the KT PMR-30… and KT can’t deliver the volume.

Make your SR-22 pistol an SRM-22, in .22 Magnum with night sights and a real high capacity magazine… and you would have a ferocious Home Run Hit on your hands.

18 thoughts on “Suggestion for Ruger”

  1. Bah, .22 magnum isn’t much better than .22LR when fired out of such a short barrel. I’ve done the PMR-30 and while it was pretty cool in design and just “being different” I ended up selling it. .22 magnum ammo is now just as expensive as 9mm making it a very expensive plinker that actually louder than the 9mm!! I’m hoping that KT will make the PMR in .22LR, now THAT will be a sweet pistol!! Ruger has been more “miss” than “hit” for years and to even suggest something to them would be futile as chances are it would be crap anyway.

      1. Make it look like an FN 5 and 7 and the fanboys will buy them up. Hell, I might buy one.

        A 10-22 in .22 mag, and dolled up like a P90 would also sell like hotcakes.

  2. So, here’s my question; If Kel-Tec can get 30 rounds of .22 WRM into the PMR-30 why can’t ANYBODY else get more than 10 rounds of .22 LR in a pistol?

        1. So how about some more than 10 round mags for those of us who live in states without arbitrary capacity limits. I’d love some 15 rounders for my neos.

    1. .22 lr doesn’t stack well geometrically – especially not in a magazine that can’t be curved forward. Add in the issue of thin rimfire brass and bullets that can’t be any harder than copper washed lead deforming under the pressure of a big spring and you’ve got a pretty serious engineering puzzle.

          1. Yea, but it would be cooler than hell.

            I’d buy a Ruger .22 mag carbine with an American-180 drum on it ….

            Seriously … Ruger has done rotary feed magazine for nearly forever. I’m sure they could cook up something.

  3. Mattitude, I would only disagree with you about Ruger being more hit than miss. While they have obviously pissed off many folks and aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, they have exploded in sales and are adding market share every year. They are doing many things right as a company and have had made several great new guns. Not the least of which is their new 1911 which I have not read anything but positive reviews. They sure can’t make them fast enough. I wish I had bought stock 5 years ago.

  4. I’d like to see SOMEBODY bring out something like the original Grendel P-31. A 16″ barreled sliding stock carbine based on their P-30 pistol with the same 30 round mag; what’s not to like?

  5. Well that 25 round magazine Ruger is putting out for the 10-22 might make for an interesting Mauser pistol clone.
    As for the anti-gun states, I’ve notice they are the one that are having the most economic troubles, I guess that goes along with their tax and spend mentality.

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