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I know a lot of Shooters who insist that Good Old WD-40 is all they need.  Maybe it does a lot of things well.  Okay, I know it does a lot of things well… But Firearms, fishing reels, locks, is not something you want to use it on, because it gets gummy after awhile. Read this.  All the way to the end.  Do you really want that in your gun?  Seriously?  You can think of nothing better?
Okay, we all know WD-40 doesn’t really have any Fish Oil in it.  But the fact remains that it’s a Water Displacement product that functions as a poor cleaner and an even worse lubricant.  I’ve been told by a lot of old school gunsmiths that they always use WD-40.  That’s fine.  But these guys were not really good gunsmiths.  The better gunsmiths that I know, will use Kroil.  It gets under the gunk, rust, and stuck parts because unlike WD-40, Kroil is a Penetrating Oil.  And it’s awesome for that.  I’ve used it myself working on several firearms… most recently one of my own 870’s. It’s a liquid tool and does it’s job well for what it’s for.  But again, it’s not a great Lubricant.  If you want a good Lubricant, use Slipstream.

My Trinity

For 2012, there are three firearms that I am going to acquire. These are the last guns I want to add to my collection… unless something new pops up that I never knew I always wanted.

1.  I want my own Crusader Rifle.  A real Crusader Weaponry, top down.  I’m tired of seeing the best rifles I’ve ever seen… shipping out to other lucky blokes… I can’t take it anymore.  I’ve got to have my own. This is going to be the first of my guns to get… my highest priority.  To do this – I’m going to sell my Rock River.  As great as it is… it’s not a Crusader.  More on selling the Rock in the near future.

2. A Browning High Power.  I almost had one, but it slipped through my fingers.  One came available about 5 days too late or I’d have had it.  I’ve always wanted one and by Odin’s Eyepatch, I’m getting me one.

3. A .44 Magnum 5″ S&W 629.  Nightcrawler’s revolver has been haunting me all the more lately… shooting it planted the seed.  Shooting Fenris’s new 629 sealed that.  I must have one.

These three guns are my top priority, in order.  Maybe I’ll stumble on other guns through 2012… but these three are the year’s Holy Trinity for me to get.

Crusader Installment Plan.

Just a little something for all of you guys to remember. Crusader has a Layaway Plan.  An Installment plan… It’s non-refundable, but it is transferable to other Crusader products if you change your mind before any special parts are ordered/made/customized.
It’s real simple.  You pay into it, take the time you need, pay as you can. When the payment towards your weapon of choice reaches a certain point, your build gets started and you have 90 days to pay the rest off and have your weapon shipped to your FFL.
Configure your weapon how you want and start making your payments. In tough economic times, it’s a heck of a lot easier than paying it all in one lump sum.


Crusader Weaponry is proud to announce the official launch of Slipstream Styx.

Styx is our Maritime formula.  Designed to provide not just the ultimate in lubrication, but also the best in corrosion protection.  We designed this stuff for our Marine warrior brothers, for our brothers in the Sheriff’s Departments and Police Departments in Coastal areas.  Styx would be absolutely perfect for Somali Pirates – but we wont sell it to them.  The guys that hunt Somali Pirate, however… this is the stuff for you.  Coast Guard’s Law Enforcement and Drug Interdiction guys – this stuff is for you.  Virginia Beach Police – this stuff is for you.  For you guys packing Concealed Carry in Atlanta Georgia where you can get all kinds of hot and sweaty… This stuff is for you too.

Slipstream Styx.  Your unfair advantage. Get it in your gun.

Crusader Weaponry at the Gun Show

Crusader Weaponry will be at the Crossroads of the West Gun Show November 19th and 20th.  We will be doing some on the spot Glock tweaking, selling some Slipstream, and some training vouchers for the 2012 Training year.  We’ll also record some Pod Casts, some Video, and I’ll have a few copies of Uprising USA.

So come swing by and visit with us.  Saturday night, after the show, we’ll have to make some plans!

Crusader Weaponry is Awesome

These are some of our Broadswords.  SR-25 Type .308 rifles and carbines that give Precision Accuracy with Reliability, these will go toe to toe against rifle systems that cost twice as much… and then spank them.  These guns shoot like you are shooting a 556 weapon… and our 556 weapons shoot so soft you think your shooting a rifle with a .22LR kit in it except they don’t jam.

Our Slipstream is also being used on Robots in the War Zone… it makes every mechanical system it’s applied to run better.

What is so great about Slipstream?

I get this question a lot.  If you have read Crusader Weaponry’s page, you know it’s a double edged sword against Friction.   The base carrier oil is a fully synthetic oil that is in and of its self, outstanding and can go toe to toe against any other synthetic gun oil.  That’s just straight up good stuff.  But we want something better… So we went outside of the Gun Industry.  We found a type of nano-particle that does everything we want, and more.  No one else is using it, because it’s prohibitively expensive.  They look for cheaper materials so they can make profit.  We don’t make Slipstream to make Profit… we only make about a buck off each bottle.  I’m not even kidding.  We make it because we want the best lubricant possible.  Dealers don’t like Slipstream… because of the low profit margins on it.  They can make more money selling lesser lubricants because they don’t care about Coefficients of Friction and Reliability – they are there to make money.

Continue reading What is so great about Slipstream?

Crusader Sterling with Optics Mount

This is one of our Crusader Sterling Carbines. Mine, actually. Caliber is 9mm. This is a semi auto version of the classic Sterling SMG used by Brit Commandos in hostile actions after WWII. The Crusader version has perminant lubrication treatment, and is built with careful parts selection and refitting and finishing of those parts, making these the smoothest Sterlings I’ve ever handled.
We have an Optics Mount now, standard Picatinny, to mount pretty much any optic you want. In this video is a Bushnell Trophy T that we just put on there for testing. It’s a more solid mounting than what is typically put on a .300 RUM hunting rifle, so it’s going to stand up to pretty much anything a 9mm Buzz Gun can dish out. These mounts will be available with futur Sterling orders as a cost added option, or as a stand alone product to order.
This unit, being a prototype, is left in the raw and unfinished. Standard orders will ship flat black. If you order yours with a Sterling finished in another color, it will be duracoated or cerakoted in that color.
The shot group at the end of the clip shows a 25 yard group with bulk reloaded ammo.
For more information contact Joe via the web form at CrusaderWeaponry.com

Sealed Mindset and Crusader Weaponry

Retired Navy Seal, Larry Yatch, is one of the most impressive men I’ve ever met. Great guy. He has started a very impressive training school called Sealed Mindset. We talked at SHOT Show together with Joe Chetwood about building a rifle for a friend of his. Evidently the gun was a success. We now build their guns built to their specs.

Guys, these are probably the most hard core AR-15’s we’ve ever built. No, strike that – they are the most hard core AR-15’s we’ve ever built. And these guns are exclusive to Sealed Mindset. We can’t sell them to you. If you want one, contact Sealed Mindset, and order one.  While you are there, sign up for a training class to go with it.

For more photos of these awesome guns, check them out here.

Crusader’s newest Finish option

Crusader Weaponry has been using Duracoat for some time now.  And Duracoat has proven to be a great finish for Firearms.  It’s super tough, being an epoxy type product and it comes in a myriad of colors to satisfy any request.   I’ve used Duracoat on many weapons, and it’s been fantastic.

However, we’ve been working with a very particular customer… and he wasn’t satisfied with Duracoat.  His requirements were much higher than what Duracoat could provide.   We’ll reveal who this customer is in about a month… and you guys wont believe it.

Gundoc did some research and has found a new finish that we will be bringing out as an added cost option for all Crusader guns.  It’s called Cerakote and it makes Duracoat look like mere Krylon.  It outperforms Duracoat in every metric.   It’s 3x the cost, but it’s 10x the finish.  Stronger, Harder, Slicker, and even better looking.   Not as many color options, but who cares… really.   Cerakote takes everything to the next level and just flat out makes your weapon better.

I wouldn’t recommend this new finish on all guns… Duracoat is just fine for most applications.   But there are those guns who’s missions require the absolute best protection… and Crusader has you covered.