My Trinity

For 2012, there are three firearms that I am going to acquire. These are the last guns I want to add to my collection… unless something new pops up that I never knew I always wanted.

1.  I want my own Crusader Rifle.  A real Crusader Weaponry, top down.  I’m tired of seeing the best rifles I’ve ever seen… shipping out to other lucky blokes… I can’t take it anymore.  I’ve got to have my own. This is going to be the first of my guns to get… my highest priority.  To do this – I’m going to sell my Rock River.  As great as it is… it’s not a Crusader.  More on selling the Rock in the near future.

2. A Browning High Power.  I almost had one, but it slipped through my fingers.  One came available about 5 days too late or I’d have had it.  I’ve always wanted one and by Odin’s Eyepatch, I’m getting me one.

3. A .44 Magnum 5″ S&W 629.  Nightcrawler’s revolver has been haunting me all the more lately… shooting it planted the seed.  Shooting Fenris’s new 629 sealed that.  I must have one.

These three guns are my top priority, in order.  Maybe I’ll stumble on other guns through 2012… but these three are the year’s Holy Trinity for me to get.

18 thoughts on “My Trinity”

  1. Dude, you need another CZ 527 Carbine in 7.62×39. It was my first gun I ever bought after reading about yours and I fraking love it!

    1. I have my Kalash… I’m happy enough. I’d like another CZ Carbine – it was awesome. But its not one of my Priority Guns.

  2. Your not alone… Here is my list.

    1. Glock 26. I carried a 17 for a while but realistically it will be carried concealed 99% of the time and I am comfortable with a 10 round with a 17 round back up. Will eventually be going to Joe for a Crusader Edge upgrade.

    2. Crusader Bones. I am just learning about AR’s and I will be starting out with the best base possible.

    3. Used Mossberg 500.

    Thats my trinity for 2012. Best part is except for the Mossberg I have the CFO (Wife) signed off on it. Going to be a good year.

  3. REALLY have to agree on that 5″ 629. Traded a 4″ on one, taking a loss doing so. Never been happier with a trade. The extra inch and full under lug make for a manageable, yet easy to carry .44 mag. My Super Red Hawk , on the other hand, is a huge, ugly, tool that nearly requires it’s own artillery carriage to haul it around in. Don’t get me wrong; it’s as strong as the proverbial bank vault, nearly as reliable as present day gravity- it just isn’t as pleasing to look upon nor as easy to carry as the S&W.

  4. Uzi with folding stock (semi auto), 8 inch barrel Colt Python blued steel, Colt SAA 4 5/8 brl 45 LC, 30/40 Krag, 1911 a1. I know its 5 on the list but if I get 1 of them this year and a new barrel in a Garand, I will still have fun

  5. .40 Barsto/ported barrel for my XD Service Model .357 sig.
    9mm Barsto barrel and 5 XD 9mm magazines for my XD Service Model .357 sig

    That will give me three caliber choices for the same gun. Just swap the barrels between .357sig and .40 or barrel and mags between sig and 9mm.

    I like the 9mm for cheap target practice since I roll my own with a Dillon.
    I like the .40 for the bigger hole it makes.

  6. For me(not that you asked)?

    1. A 12ga for birds/skeet

    2. A 9mm micro carry gun

    3. Either a full sized 9mm or lightwight AR (equipped for indoor use 🙂 )

  7. I’m looking at NFA items this year. I want, in order of priority:

    1. Gemtech Trek, AAC Ranger 2, or similar. We’ll see what’s available when I can afford to buy one.

    2. 11.5″ SBR AR carbine to go with the 5.56 can, as a dedicated suppressed rifle.

    3. Silencerco Sparrow or similar can for the 10/22 and Buckmark.

    Otherwise I’m doing some work on my current AR carbine (new barrel and rail), minor upgrades to my carry guns/equipment, and building up my stocks of spare parts, mags, and ammo.

  8. So the Ogre is only going to buy THREE firearms in the next year or maybe even forever…………Sure!

    Now how many did you buy last year? Past behavior is a good predictor of future behavior.

  9. How about slimming down on what we own? I just unloaded a few pistols that sat in the safe for years. How about getting down to the few essentials? One or two good hunting rifles. I good sidearm, maybe a reliable assault rifle. And a shotgun is a must. Take the rest of the money and give it to Feed the Children. Maybe I’m just nuts….

  10. My trinity:

    1) CZ-75. Right now I’m leaning towards the -BD model. Something about those Czech just speaks to me.

    2) CZ-455FS. .22lr for basic marksmanship skills, with the Mannlicher-style stock. Drop-dead sexy gun.

    3) Replica Colt Model 1861 Navy. No, I probably shouldn’t get into black powder right off the bat, but I just love the look old cowboy guns. And yes, I do mean the 1861 Navy rather than the classic ’51. I like the lines of the newer model better.

  11. I’d like to see a post on storing weapons. Like multiple weapons. Eventually you outgrow the safe, and upgrading a safe is not an option. So do guys buy a second larger safe? Or a locked gun cabinet for the cheaper models and keep valuable ones in the safe? Anyone looked into a vault door?

  12. Local shop has a Hi-Power that’s just begging for a spot in my safe.
    I don’t have a dbl. action revolver in .22lr and must rectify that. Maybe the new Ruger SP101. For training purposes. YA! That’s it! Training Purposes!
    And a dbl. action .45LC to go with the Winchester 94/SAA/Vaquero team. For those MHI turn outs.

  13. Hmmm…my top three.
    1. Beretta Px4 medium size in 9mm.
    2. Benelli super nova
    3. A crusader. Haven’t decided what kind. 5.56 light carbine? 5.56 long barrel? .308? So many choices. I’ve also been thinking of one that is a crusader version of the M4 I carried in Iraq.

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