Crusader Weaponry is proud to announce the official launch of Slipstream Styx.

Styx is our Maritime formula.  Designed to provide not just the ultimate in lubrication, but also the best in corrosion protection.  We designed this stuff for our Marine warrior brothers, for our brothers in the Sheriff’s Departments and Police Departments in Coastal areas.  Styx would be absolutely perfect for Somali Pirates – but we wont sell it to them.  The guys that hunt Somali Pirate, however… this is the stuff for you.  Coast Guard’s Law Enforcement and Drug Interdiction guys – this stuff is for you.  Virginia Beach Police – this stuff is for you.  For you guys packing Concealed Carry in Atlanta Georgia where you can get all kinds of hot and sweaty… This stuff is for you too.

Slipstream Styx.  Your unfair advantage. Get it in your gun.

15 thoughts on “SLIPSTREAM STYX”

  1. Just curious, but if this is “tougher” than slip regular, why wouldn’t one just buy this formulation instead no matter the circumstances (geography, humidity, etc..)?

    1. Oh the regular Slipstream is fantastic. But there was requests from those needing lubrication for weapons used at sea. Slipstream is awesome at Lubrication – and it’s excellent at fighting corrosion. But we don’t want excellent. We want the best. So we made STYX for guys that are literally hunting Pirates and for Marines that are going in and out of Salt Water. We wanted the best… we offer them the best.

  2. Tetra gun grease claims: “Widest operating temperature range -100°F to 750°F”

    I know for a fact Tetra works at -25F because I tested it myself. I put a Sig P220 lubed with Tetra grease and one lubed with regular mineral oil based grease on my porch on an extremely cold winter dawn for 2 hours. The tetra fired and cycled normally, while with the mineral oil grease I could barely hand cycle the slide and constant failure to feed malfs were the rule.

    What are the temp specs on the new Styx lube?

    FYI, I currently pull the carrier oil out of the slipstream oil and mix the lubricant particles with Tetra grease for use in all my guns.

  3. A 1911 rusts pretty quick when it spends 16 hours a day stuffed in the jeans of a middle aged fat welder in Orlando.

  4. Okay. I’m about to order some SS to see what all the hubbub is about, but I don’t especially NEED rust protection. For someone who doesn’t NEED it, would it be better to get the regular SS or go with the stix anyway and get the extra protection.

    I guess what I’m asking is, was anything sacrificed to get the rust protection? I’ll probly get the stix any way but just want to know.

    Loved uprising buy the way. Looking forward to UK. I wish you would do an audiobook version as that allows me to work and listen.

    Thanks man.

      1. Eh. I went ahead and ordered the Styx anyway. Rust protection can’t be a bad thing and it was only a few bucks more.

        Another question, does SS have any chemistry built into it that helps counter act corrosive primers in surplus ammo like 5.45? I’ve been thinking of building a 5.45 upper since ammo is so cheap and I keep reading posts that are all over the place from guys having either NO problems at all with corrosive primers or guys who’s guns will rust shut if they don’t clean them within hours of shooting surplus. I ask because I’m starting to wonder if the inconsistent reports are being caused by the different lubricant people are using. Like maybe the guys not having any problems are using lubes with anti corrosive chemistry. I don’t know if thats even a thing you can do with lube chemistry but I figured I olwould throw it out there.

        I look forward to recieving the slipstream. If it lives up to expectations you can be assured that I will spread the word.

          1. Ordered on Wednesday, Received Saturday. very fast shipping. Oiled up my m&p and 1911 and AR and a buddy’s gun and I can say I am sold on this stuff. I don’t know what you put in it and I dint care cause it works like a charm.

            It doesn’t feel quite lightyears ahead of other top of the line lubricants but it is noticeably better. And it is light years ahead of CLP and rem oil and that Ilk.

            I will recommend to whoever asks my about lubricants.

  5. Ogre,
    Similar question to Matt’s…any advantage to Styx over regular SS for cold/wet weather hunting rifles (bolts & levers, not semiauto)?
    I’ll be picking up one or the other once I can get down to Joe’s…whenever he gets un-busy enough to work on my guns.

    1. I would say yes. For both wet and cold weather, rust protection will be beneficial. You Have your gun Out in cold weather, where it then gets cold, and then you bring it inside or put it in the truck and turn the heater on, that cold gun is gonna condense water out of the air which will get down into parts of the gun you don’t think of cleaning.

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