Crusader Sterling with Optics Mount

This is one of our Crusader Sterling Carbines. Mine, actually. Caliber is 9mm. This is a semi auto version of the classic Sterling SMG used by Brit Commandos in hostile actions after WWII. The Crusader version has perminant lubrication treatment, and is built with careful parts selection and refitting and finishing of those parts, making these the smoothest Sterlings I’ve ever handled.
We have an Optics Mount now, standard Picatinny, to mount pretty much any optic you want. In this video is a Bushnell Trophy T that we just put on there for testing. It’s a more solid mounting than what is typically put on a .300 RUM hunting rifle, so it’s going to stand up to pretty much anything a 9mm Buzz Gun can dish out. These mounts will be available with futur Sterling orders as a cost added option, or as a stand alone product to order.
This unit, being a prototype, is left in the raw and unfinished. Standard orders will ship flat black. If you order yours with a Sterling finished in another color, it will be duracoated or cerakoted in that color.
The shot group at the end of the clip shows a 25 yard group with bulk reloaded ammo.
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4 thoughts on “Crusader Sterling with Optics Mount”

  1. Great gun. I’ve seen it online and whatnot for some time and was just “meh” about it. But having shot the one above (I’m the third shooter) and got a quick rundown on it, it’s a must have. Ridiculously accurate, especially with the optic. It’s absolutely a gun that you fall in love with once you handle it. Both I and the wife are wanting one.


    1. I’ve always wanted one when I tested one at Ft. Benning. However, the one I fired at Benning, while full auto, was no where near as good as these.

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