Crusader Installment Plan.

Just a little something for all of you guys to remember. Crusader has a Layaway Plan.  An Installment plan… It’s non-refundable, but it is transferable to other Crusader products if you change your mind before any special parts are ordered/made/customized.
It’s real simple.  You pay into it, take the time you need, pay as you can. When the payment towards your weapon of choice reaches a certain point, your build gets started and you have 90 days to pay the rest off and have your weapon shipped to your FFL.
Configure your weapon how you want and start making your payments. In tough economic times, it’s a heck of a lot easier than paying it all in one lump sum.

17 thoughts on “Crusader Installment Plan.”

  1. You Evil… Evil men.
    You DO realize this makes it MUCH harder to say “no… I cant do this right now”.
    I think it is a conspiracy.
    *Goes to dig for couch change…*


    1. Oh they are Evil, first Slipstream, then Styx. Now a build layaway plan? I’m gonna be living in a van, down by the river, this time next year.

  2. I like the plan- that way I can break the news to my better half slowly as I sit and dream about what’s next on quest for the perfect weapon

  3. Very refreshing…but at the same time a bit disappointing that none of the “major players” do anything like this. Firearms are expensive and during these times a business needs to do what is necessary to stay alive. I really hope that people take advantage of this service. Joe is a great guy and does even better work and this is a great way to get a superior product.

    1. True Matt, but the “major players” aren’t interested in building to customers’ specs.

      They want the customers to buy what they’re making, rather than make what the customers want to buy.

      1. I didn’t mean that other sellers do an on-line build to order layaway…it was meant as any on-line layaway plan. I’m sure that there are production firearms that others want but just can’t afford to drop a few grand at one time. I really hope that Joe does very well because of it, I’m just surprised that in this economy that option just isn’t offered anywhere else.

      2. The Major Players build guns on a larger scale… 10 to 1 or 100 to 1 of what we build. So it wouldn’t even be feasible for them to do it. We’re not doing Production Guns, so we can work with the individual customer.

        1. That’s sort of what I was getting at. They sell through distributors, who sell to the retailers, who sell to the customers.

  4. Very cool option.

    What happens if something comes up and you aren’t able to pay off the rest within the 90 days? Can it be extended? Or do you forfeit both the weapon and the money.

    1. It can be extended… But with a 1.5% finance charge that starts after that 90 day point. 1.5 is nothing… but it’s enough to make one want to get it done in 90 days.

  5. Can I put some Styx on layaway until my next SLC visit. lol

    I’m jazzin because Uprising should be here any day now.

      1. I figured that I would start at the begining. I didn’t know if they fed from USA to UK or if UK was independent. So, I got USA first. If I like it, then I will go from there.

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