Crusader’s newest Finish option

Crusader Weaponry has been using Duracoat for some time now.  And Duracoat has proven to be a great finish for Firearms.  It’s super tough, being an epoxy type product and it comes in a myriad of colors to satisfy any request.   I’ve used Duracoat on many weapons, and it’s been fantastic.

However, we’ve been working with a very particular customer… and he wasn’t satisfied with Duracoat.  His requirements were much higher than what Duracoat could provide.   We’ll reveal who this customer is in about a month… and you guys wont believe it.

Gundoc did some research and has found a new finish that we will be bringing out as an added cost option for all Crusader guns.  It’s called Cerakote and it makes Duracoat look like mere Krylon.  It outperforms Duracoat in every metric.   It’s 3x the cost, but it’s 10x the finish.  Stronger, Harder, Slicker, and even better looking.   Not as many color options, but who cares… really.   Cerakote takes everything to the next level and just flat out makes your weapon better.

I wouldn’t recommend this new finish on all guns… Duracoat is just fine for most applications.   But there are those guns who’s missions require the absolute best protection… and Crusader has you covered.

One thought on “Crusader’s newest Finish option”

  1. ogre i have a question about cerakote…but first..i have 2 sigs and a glock…i like the sigs because they are more accurate but only by a little bit. not enuff to make a difference 7 yards and in ,in a life and death situation… i love the ergonimics of a sig.. just feels lie it was made for me and me alone…i don’t like that one has to keep them well oiled…the sig site says you should leave a clear finger print on the weapon..honest…..
    i like the glocks because it is lighter , very accurate, and the pistol just keeps firing even if you have not cleaned it in 3000 or more rounds,amazing how it just keeps going and going..
    now for the question will the cerakote act also as a lubricant? only other product that i know will lubricate a weapon and still feel dry to the touch is prolix…..thanks paul

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