Utah is Gun Land?

In a prime example of shlock reporting, KSL News has managed to screw up a simple story.   They talked to a 3 people in putting this story together.  1.  Another KSL Reporter.  2.  Some dude from back east.  3.  An Anti-Gun Reporter named Gunn.  They didn’t talk to anyone else in Utah… like Utah Gun Owners.  They could have gone to any of the Dealers in Utah, talked to some Utah Instructors…  But they didn’t.  It’s as if they wanted to keep distance from the topic as much as possible.  The other thing that bugs me… KSL has called Utah, “Gun Land“.  This is a tag I’ve never heard.  So I did a search and the only reference to Gun Land, other than the Deseret News bit that was mentioned, was another article… this time from the SLC Tribune Blog, in an Opinion Piece. Continue reading Utah is Gun Land?